Adam Schefter joins SportsCenter to discuss QB Cam Newton testing positive for the coronavirus and weighs in on how the New England Patriots will move forward.
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  1. LOL Conspiracy theory: These Niggas caught covid on purpose to get more time to device a solid game plan against the chiefs. Period. Now that the patriots have time to plan. I’ll bet all my money on Belichick. This one is between Belichick and Mahommes now… and Belichick has the upper hand.

  2. Why are they so desperate to play this game. Kc gets to play them with no Newton. Lucky them. It should have been postponed. Big fail on the league

  3. I know that Mahomes is intimidating …
    But to purposely catch the coronavirus so he didn’t get embarrassed is taking it too far!!

  4. But we needed the NFL they said. We need a sense of normalcy the said. Pandemic be damned we will have football they said. Shocking a starting quarterback in the NFL has come down with this, all for your entertaiment

  5. lets put a nail into the seasonal coffin for the Patriots. Go Brady and the Bucks former Pats fan.

  6. Cam dived in that pile to try to get a td and got covid instead and still lost the game lol

  7. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  8. I don’t understand why any professional team want to come back and play considering this pandemic.
    They already make to much money.
    They could help people and there fans that buy tickets and sit in all types of weather to see them play.

    (Give back to the fans)

    College is no better, they have as much as 20-30 thousand fans in the stadium.

    This is about the government using these professional athletes to keep these channels ratings up that’s showing these.
    And inspite of all of these athletes that are playing indoor as well as outdoor sports…they are still getting sick.

    This is ONLY about money period.
    I’m not even playing fantasy football because there’s no excitement. Who want to look at a game with only a few thousand fans etc…

  9. So what
    he going to lose anything still collecting is millions for playing a game why is this even news
    This is the problem we care about these idiots, what about the single mom or the family’s that are about to lose there homes or jobs
    And you are worried about this idiot

  10. The comment section is so misinformed, or purposely lying…. 1st off nba teams have 40+ people per team (not to mention the 4 family members per player and small children not counting as 1) in the BUBBLE
    2nd It is NOT financially better for the NFL to stop the season, it is extremely beneficial to be allowed to play with no regard for science or human life collecting AD money
    3rd MOST franchise sport owners own more than 1 team across many sports but basketball and Football there’s a couple ex. Trail blazer/Seahawks, Nuggets/Rams, Saints/Pelicans so this excuse that they can’t pull it off in the NFL but every other sport can is BS leading to
    4th and final FACT the NFL is Very and I mean Very in love with the Republican Party it’s hard for facts to penetrate there, All owners are involved in political bribes to Politicians (especially Republicans) and if allowed to profit there the owners will OBVIOUSLY take the opportunity they are greedy billionaires who give ZERO fucks about human life when PROFIT Is in sight

    I’ll add this for the NFL fans , the NFL is not the US top watched sport anymore but each owner makes more money per team in the NFL than the NBA per year, meaning the NFL is worth more money and further proof that almost every NFL team is worth more than NBA teams with 3 exceptions (and one added very recently) Lakers, Knicks and Warriors.. So when has it been about humans or sports, sportsmanship and blah blah pride in city? It’s never been about that only the MONEY but the NFL is definitely good at getting Americans to buy up the jerseys and watch all the games religiously… Plus the Super Bowl is always #1 in Views breaking its own record they can definitely put on a show I can understand the entertainment but I won’t ever understand the denial of basic science

  11. NBA bubble, UFC fight island, and UEFA Champions league were all smashing success because they isolated there athletes in one location. NFL on the other hand, had a whole year to figure it out yet they didn’t

  12. NFL won’t make it to week 8. They needed a division bubble atleast

  13. Wow, he will be out a couple weeks then its over. Big deal. Stop making covid out to be so menacing. He isnt old, has no health issues, shut up already.

  14. I wonder if scientifically and mathematically speaking what the odds are of having 289000 consecutive negative test and then 30 positive test in six different cities over a four day. Can one of you Geniuses do the math on that and get back to me because I think that you’ll find it is somewhere around impossible mathematically and scientifically speaking nitwits

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