Is Cam Newton really the LeBron James of the NFL? He also compared himself to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. Was this a smart move? Shannon Sharpe gives his thoughts to Skip Bayless.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Cam Newton, the LeBron James of the NFL? Cam seems to think so | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip’s got this. You can think yourself into oblivion and unfortunately Cam may be doing that.

  2. Shannon needs to give Lebron the same speech but he wont, Lebron said he chasing Jordan. Aren’t all the best current players chasing Jordan??? Things is Lebron it’s to late for him he has lost too many times. Dude even has 2 Bronze Medals

  3. Everyone loves to hate him just like lebron that’s one thing for sure that’s similar haha damn give this guy a break in these comments

  4. You can tell how people commenting are half reading this…. They see Cam Newton and then see Kobe, LeBron, MJ and Brady and now they mad. Yall need to read his quote first before you make an opinion. I don’t think Shannon and Skip gets it either. The quote is there at the beginning of the video. All he was saying is that him being the GUY the main guy… the number 1 player on the team is no different from Brady MJ and LeBron. If he would’ve name low players everybody would clown him and say he has not confidence and no hope. Stop it.

  5. Comparing Cam and LeBron makes sense because they are both freaks of nature, he is an elite athlete but not an elite QB

  6. Wow. He had one good season. One. LBJ has had 17 years worth of good seasons. I wouldn’t even put Cam above Kwame Brown. At least Kwame Brown had consistent years of being bad. Cam can’t even be good consistently. He compared himself to MJ? Sorry but MJ had an entire career of being dominate and he’s got six rings and is undefeated when it matters. Cam is 0-1 and did all that dancing and dabbing then cried about it when teams decided to shut him up after he said “If you don’t like it, stop me” and then gave a smug look with a shoulder shrug. They’re stopping him and now he plays the victim. He shouldn’t write checks he can’t cash.

  7. He’s not worthy of lacing lebrons shoes. He had a chance to get a ring for his team and he folded like a cheap tent. He could’ve jumped on a loose ball and recovered it, but what did he do? He jumped back 5 feet like the damn ball had aids. He’s an immature sulking baby that shines in winning moments but when he loses he puts a towel over his head and pouts. Guess what buddy? losings part of the game. you’r not gonna win every game of your career. The elite ones learn to lose with class and dignity. He would benefit greatly from watching Brady’s post game pressers after a loss. you stand up there and you take. He had one good season, I’ll give him that. and in that season he played in the worst division in the NFL. he’s a good qb.. but he’s got decades to go, to reach lebron James and Tom Brady status. just sit down and shut up and do your job

  8. Good to see this on video. I first heard the podcast and didn’t know Shannon was holding up 2 fingers to represent Cam having worn number 2.

  9. As a diehard Panther fan.. Cam is absolutely bugging. You gotta at LEAST win a title before putting yourself in the same breath as Brady, MJ, Kobe and LeBron. If he just plays with more accuracy and consistency he’ll be fine.

  10. So people just going to act like cam nuber 1 option at receiver was ted ginn. im sorry but when was he confused with jerry rice. Second receiver option was jericho cotchery. I’m sorry we aren’t confusing him with even tim brown. Cam is right he doing the most with less then any qb i have ever seen.

  11. cam newton the lebron james of the NFL?? cam newton is the russell westbrook of the NFL…wants to do everything himself and not trusting teammates, cries and complains when asked hard questions, and dresses like a complete idiot….yep, cam newton = russell westbrook

  12. Bruh had a completion percentage of 52.9% and comparing himself to Jordan, Lebron, and Kobe lol FOH

  13. Cam Newton has gone as far as he’s going to as an NFL QB, they missed their shot. He’ll eventually wear out his welcome with the Panthers, they’re probably making plans for that now. Yeah, he’s just an average QB that likes to talk about yesterday, could have, should have, to no avail. He’ll be one of those players with the film called ‘What ever happened to….’

  14. What was Shannon point To point out what Cam was saying? 😂 The man just simply letting you know where his mind state is, he acting like the guy is clueless or think he’s better then everybody smh y’all should’ve stayed on vacation longer cause y’all really dont have anything to talk about.

  15. What’s really sad is that y’all debating which entertainer is better than that entertainer smh. If y’all can’t see the NFL is nothing more than the WWE masquerading as Pro Football I don’t know what to tell you. The NFL has always catered to the Anglo quarterbacks and persecute and crucify ethnic ones and players in general for that matter. As ethnic people we need to let them have their leagues and have our own or better yet stop being entertained all together. We spend too much time in front of the tube when we got more pressing issues in our communities

  16. How is cam gonna say he’s best in NFL, since LeBron is best in nba, when cam isn’t even the qb in nfl. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady. They r all better than cam

  17. Due to all of the NBA mega contracts, MLB’s power surge, and even the offseason NFL talk about the Pats, Cowboys, and even Kaep’s predicament, Cam had to say something for the folks to talk about. Voila!

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