Extended highlights of the Vancouver Canucks at the Montreal Canadiens


  1. Montreal’s defence sucks, fire half of them and get someone that will go after the puck instead of just watching!

  2. N’importe quoi… Pourquoi ont-ils laissé ce crétin manoeuvrer à sa guise en quatrième période? Montréal oublie comment jouer à 3 contre 3… Le pauvre imbécile qui est venu marquer en prolongation (son nom n’a aucune importance) n’aurait même pas dû pouvoir se rendre jusqu’au filet. Tatar et Suzuki se sont laissés berner comme des maringouins 💤

  3. So the edit out the phantom call to give Montreal the first goal and the non-call that leads to the 2nd goal. great job nhl

  4. Has Montreal been getting that kind of reffing all season? If so, I understand why they were up there in the standing early on. The reffing was questionable at best in this game.

  5. No 5 minute major call when Myers gets high
    sticked with visible blood. Call Motte for delay of game when it looked like it went off a stick of the Canadians. No interference call on Montreal giving them a breakaway. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  6. That was absolutely ridiculous reffing in the last few minutes, but at least Miller was still able to pull out the win. How do you miss a double minor high sticking penalty that is right in front of you? Brutal. That’s 1 undeserved point for Montreal and really hope that doesn’t end up screwing over the Canucks at the end of the year.

  7. The difference in the announcers calling Miller’s OT winner is hilarious. John and John lose it!
    Garrett: WHAT. A. GOAL!!
    These guys: Miller cuts to the net and Montreal has lost.

  8. its sad that so many Canucks fans are complaining when they won about a puck over the glass penalty, if your going to complain at least make it a good argument

  9. Didn’t know the Canadiens had enough cap space to sign the refs tonight. Ohh well gg’s refs…I man Canadiens.

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