In an extra special 30 MINUTE feature length edition, join Alan as he makes his way to Rochford Reservoir to do 24 hours on a tough local park lake. Sit back and watch as Al gives you the low down on fishing these challenging urban waters! Stay up to date with all our new products, news and updates on the links below!
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  1. Whats the name of them big pools by moses gate mate,not crompton lodges as you come off st peters way heading towards Little Lever there are two pools on the left hand side i think they might be on the road that leads to Darcy,used to fish them as a kid you see i know theres some big carp in there and was thinking of giving it a go.

  2. hey guys me and my friend have got a new channel and would like to be well known for our fishing, we have put a lot of effort in to our videos, so please check out our channel and maybe subscribe thanks 🙂

  3. I really like how you carry the ‘Medicarp’ and heal the fish. I’ve never heard of it and will start to carry it! Thanks dude!

  4. When I started watching the video I was sceptic because he was using those thing that make a sound when you have a fish on your hook ( In my eyes it’s a bit like cheating 🙂 ). But when I saw how he respected the fish and treated them very well, i liked him a lot more! Great video and a great fisherman! I really really like him! ( Excuse me if my english is not good ) – Belgium

  5. good vid only one problem why leave carp in the net for twenty minutes with the hook still in there mouths disgrace!!

  6. Good vid mate fair play to ya can’t be fishing park lakes myself to many idiots  maybe take one rod after watching this get em off the top but not all my gear wouldn’t trust it around my sides not alone anyway.

  7. iam new to carp fishing and find you urban banks dvds very helpful

    kind reguards steve

  8. love the music selection guys!! compliments the great fishing.. keep up the good work..
    p.s. why are there always police in the videos?! lol

  9. English carp must be harder to catch than American carp. The lengths you go to are astounding. I wrap a piece of flour and cornmeal dough ball scented with garlic or Kool-Aid, depending on the conditions, throw it in the water, and carp go crazy. No boilies, no hair rigs, no chumming, just a hook and dough ball. If my match is right, I average 8.9 carp per day using two rods. This isn’t counting a local park pond where I can catch from ten to fifteen carp per hour.

    In my state, we’re supposed to kill anything other than common carp, and they prefer we kill those, as well, but the law doesn’t apply to them. You can get a huge fine if found in possession of a live carp. Asian carp are considered the worst and most destructive species, of course, but all carp are considered very bad for the ecology. American fishermen just can’t understand that carp are considered a game fish throughout the rest of the world.

  10. Use to fish there late 90s / early Millenium as a kid, had a few early morning carp from there by the island. There’s also an old sunken well in the middle where the fish congregate, some decent size bream and always a decent gudgeon to be had on the float

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