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  1. I don’t think Pat understands the implication of pitting modern native Americans against professional football players in a blood-sport. Without the addition of weapons it would heavily favor the jacked athletes, thus removing the gratifying display of the team baring the insulting name being punished for their insensitivity. Additionally, this system would only punish the players, who could be considered complicit in racial insensitivity but who aren’t in the position to decide the name of the team they play for. Fortunately the Washington football team is now known as the Washington football team, which would require the Washington football team to battle the Washington football team to the death in order to defeat the Washington football team.

  2. Megalo Box fighting game? guess you would need to make up new characters for the game since the show doesn’t have that many

  3. Had to come back here to pay respects. This video got me fucking addicted to Captain Tsubasa. Never heard a lick about it until you guys watched the trailer in this video and it has been my obsession for the past couple months. In the latest arc there is a character named Michael from Spain who uses the power of god to bring someone back from the dead and he can ride the ball like its a segway. It gets super nuts and I’m so hyped for the game.

  4. Pat says that hiding the pitch has been a thing since the genesis of baseball, but from what I’ve heard about the history of baseball the batter used to be able to request the kind of pitch they wanted.

  5. In the future, cheating will be optimized to such a degree where entire games will be won on a coin toss.

  6. If a team is cheating, counter-cheats should be on the table for the other team. Like if they’re communicating via miniature bone-mics, it should be green that the team manager can call in a favour and have an EMP set off on the field.

  7. As someone who played baseball for 8 years, the game is the fucking epitome of lie, cheat, steal, win.

  8. Catcher and pitcher need to be on the same page so the catcher can catch the ball ever, yeah, it wouldn’t work on a basic level otherwise.

  9. Baseball shouldn’t ban cheating too hard because then all that will be left is the baseball itself and that shit’s boring as FUCK. Cheat like the wind to stay relevant!

  10. No ones said so so i may as well but the orlando rage would just be RAGE everyone favorite angry black man. survive a single game against him.

  11. You can steal signs. If there is a man on 2nd base then it is fine for them to memorize and tell their teammates. That has been going on in baseball for decades. It is then the Catcher’s and Pitcher’s job to switch up the signs. The problem with this scandal is that they used cameras and technology to steal and relay signs with incredibly fast precision. They cheated their way to a World Series championship. They banged on trash cans, whistled and wore wires to ensure they knew exactly what the pitcher was going to throw. It’s a complete shame to baseball and the Astros got off easy in my opinion.

  12. I guess communicating with your team, and getting hard reads on the enemy is cheating is sports. I did not know this.

  13. Is using your mind ghost’s hyper improved vision to read the pitch in real time count as cheating?

  14. I swear over-the-top moves in sports anime makes me actually interested in watching/reading it. And if they can actually convey that to games really good I will buy it.

  15. Hypocrite that you are for you trust the Ukranian scientists in your dugout to tell you they are using signals. All baseball is ultimately based on that which we cannot prove. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog.

  16. Ah man they really glazed over the most fun thug tech the cheaters used. Sure they used the buzzer but before the team used to bang on trash cans loud enough that you could hear it during the broadcast.

  17. Pat: Complains that Redskins is still the name of a football team. (In the same breath) I want a blood sport.

    So bodily harm and possible death? No problem, bodies were meant to be broken. The fragile feelings of a person? No, cant hurt those. Ma feels be sacred.

    I think there may be a discussion needed here.

  18. Teams are a financial burden on cities. The idea that they make cities money is a myth. That’s part of why people thing the city should own its team, so there’s actually a return.

  19. Wait, they fucking used wires?! How?! They had body wires that advanced then?!

    Also if we just let everyone do it… then sports will become WAY more fun to watch and everyone is literally giving over 100% and makes people more honest. Come on! Everyone wants to see this and only the strongest can be in sports!

    We all just want blood sports like MMA, Boxing, Hockey and Rugby and it would at least justify those big ass paychecks for even those 3 stringers! Kids sports are regular rules we have now and then they upgrade by college.

    Or we go mechs/robot fights like Infinite Stratos, Gundam Builders, Angeloids and other shit like that. Real Steel was the shit!

  20. If the Anaheim hockey team cheats, do they fight the Mighty Ducks from the cartoons or from the movies?

    PS. The Van Damme movie Woolie talks about is “Sudden Death”, when a terrorist threatens to blow up everyone in a Pittsburgh Penguins game.

  21. 1) There’s a Prince of Tennis game that was part of the original DS release lineup, though I don’t recall if it released in all regions.
    2) Absolutely watch the anime One Outs which is all about baseball psychology, reads, and stealth cheating. Animated by the same folks who did Kaiji and Akagi and it’s all on Youtube iirc.

  22. The difference is that catching and interpreting hand signals or callouts over time is the opposing team’s fault for not encrypting their signals well enough. Using cameras and wires to interpret their signals is your “fault,” and should then be punishable.
    One is your opponents not being defensive enough against casual inspection, the other is your team being offensive in a category that is unsportsmanlike.

  23. Pat: Cheating is wrong and you shouldn’t do it.


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