In this bass fishing video I go over how you can catch 15x more bass while bass fishing. These bass fishing tips will help you catch 15x more bass this year even in the toughest conditions. Do you like these bass fishing tip videos? Would you like to see more bass fishing tip videos? What bass fishing tips would you like to see next? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / fishing tip videos. Also leave your feedback on the bass fishing tip videos / how to catch more bass fishing videos. Now lets go over some bass fishing tips to help you catch more bass!

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  1. It’s a fishing spot in a great location. It’s also in Japan, but it looked very beautiful!

  2. So I’m from Alaska and am just trying to get into Bass fishing here in Lewiston Idaho.
    It has been snowing and I was wondering what you would recommend for small mouth on the snake river

  3. I’m very new to bass fishing. Just bought my first bass boat. A 2011 Ranger Z118 with 56 hours on the boat and 150 Evinrude HO and not a scratch on it… anyway, your videos are loaded with good and easy to understand. THANKS and keep them coming! 🎣🐠

  4. I keep buying lures but almost always end my day throwing and have caught fish on a pearl white super fluke

  5. Uni knot I love but hands down love the San Diego jam knot never seen it slip thanks for the tips brother best fishing on YouTube

  6. I’m super new too fishing. Do you need weights or no with a fluke? I’m trying to understand all fishing methods . I love to fish but I mainly use just lures so I don’t know much about baits .

  7. Ok I watched this before I went fishing with my buddies and I did everything you did and caught the most fish 😂

  8. Dude, your legit I caught a 2.35-pound wide mouth bass with your exact rig and style. Thank you so much. It’s my first fish I saw. I was in the water for less than an hour. I asked the bait shop at the lake. He told me exactly where to go—your legit, dude. I’m stoked I just caught it 3 hours ago!

  9. “That’s why I like fishing. There’s no rules to fishing.” Game Warden-“Wait then why am I here?”😂😂

  10. I’m glad these young whipper snappers help other young whipper snappers.
    Us old timers figured fishing out long ago. K.I.S.S

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