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2011 Judo Action.wmv

Judo action from top level competitions in 2011

Russian judo Competitions among men 2017 _4

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Judo competitions for babies

Judo competitions for babies. Children for years old. Simplified rules. To win, you need to take away the belt from the opponent twice.

Judo Competitions for Boys 3

Judo Competitions for Boys at Gymnasium, Arya Samaj Mandir-Surat

Judo’s Striking Compared to Karate

Judo might be best known as a throwing art, but how do it's strikes stack up against karate strikes? What is Judo missing, and what do they have that we could learn from in order to improve our karate...

How to fight & win girls kids judo competition in Ireland.

All Ireland Judo competition in Galway, Ireland. 31/01/2010 Coaches: Alonzo Henderson from "JudoLeinster" Club & Valery Vaniukevich, Fudoshin Judo Club, 086 1514377 [email protected] *This video is displayed for demonstrational and educational purposes only without...


#JudoWorlds2018 #PromoVideo 20-27 sentyabr 2018-ci il tarixində Bakıda, Milli Gimnastika Arenasında keçiriləcək cüdo üzrə dünya çempionatı. *Qeyd edək ki, bu yarışda dünyanın 150-ə yaxın ölkəsinin cüdoçularının iştirakı gözlənilir. Dünya çempionatının təntənəli açılış mərasimi sentyabrın 20-i saat 15:00-da Milli Gimnastika Arenasında keçiriləcək. MB® Video...

David Cainas Judo Highlights

Judo highlights in National and international competitions and training of our Instructor David Cainas. He has had the honor of representing the USA in international tournaments and training camps. And was voted USA Judo's Coach of the Year in...

Judo competition 4 avril combat 2

Mon 2e combat... celui la je croyais l'avoir gagné jai tenté de faire un makikomi mais vu que je suis tombé sur le dos en premier j'ai perdu.... Mais bon, je considere quand meme ce combat plutot comme une...

Judo Refereeing: “WAZA-ARI” #04

DETERMINATION: “Waza-Ari” score should be awarded for White. RATIONALE: White attacks with a technique causing his opponent to land largely on the back with speed and force. However there was no real impact and the falling action was "rolled"....

QF | Judo | M | -90kg | Ng Aaron(SIN) vs Hantratin Kittipong(THA) |...

Judo competitions at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games were held at the Laus Group Event Center from 4 to 7 December 2019.

Reza Mirfallah Nassiri from Iran(81kg) vs Azerbaijan Fajr judo competitions 1376

Reza Mirfallah Nassiri from Iran(81kg) vs Azerbaijan Fajr judo competitions 1376

Judo 2014 European Championships Montpellier: Larose (FRA) – Shershan (BLR) [-66kg] QF

David Larose (FRA) - Dzmitry Shershan (BLR) QF Judo 2014 European Championships Montpellier Visit judoschool Jan Snijders ( ): the most complete judo information and judo video site on techniques, kata, rules and with thousands of categorized judo video's...

The Welcome Mat Way – Lineage and History of Kansas City’s Oldest Judo Club

Welcome Mat Judo, Jujitsu, Sambo, and Sumo Club Head Founder and Head Coach Steve Scott explains the history, lineage, and approach to training of Welcome Mat.

Crewe Virtual ‘STAY AT HOME’ International Judo Championships 2020 Senior Medallists

The Senior Medallists from the Crewe Virtual 'Stay At Home' International Judo Championships 2020. Crewe Judo Club hosted this tournament which was made possible by the 128 competitors, representing 8 countries including England, Germany, Northern Ireland, Wales, USA, Germany, Thailand...

Judo . Satoridojo team (Latvia) . Competition in France .

Zhilevich V., Damlamajan M., Osnach V., Kuznecov J., Kochuevskij J., Ertinsh I.(Satoridojo) , Zgardan D.(Mitava) , Garkul J.

Roy Dean on BJJ, Judo, Aikido, and the Path of the Martial Artist (audio...

Stephan Kesting ( talks with Roy Dean about what he's learned from training in BJJ, Judo, Aikido and other martial arts, the meaning of BJJ belts, competition strategies, and more. The complete transcript of this interview is available here: To be...

Bahamas Open Judo Championship 2010 On August 6 -8, 2010 Bahamas Judo will be hosting the Bahamas Open Judo Championships. 242-364-6773. The BJF is offering the first 20 Hotel rooms free of charge to international registrants.