Summer Windsurfing on maui 2020 | Ricardo Campello

For the first time in my life , due to Covid I was able to spend time on maui during summer , waves are not so consistent but we did have some days , and if we are in...

Power jibe , carving , Windsurfing lessons – Lulu

Learn windsurfing with lulu . more to :

2021 iGNITE : Freestyle Windsurfing With A Twist

One board, two modes ! 2021 IGNITE - 1 Board, 2 Models  For 2021 we are super stoked to introduce a brand new Ignite model: The Ignite R.T.F.  (Ready To Foil) Our new Ignite R.T.F. will allow you to keep the same board...

the windsurfing lesson – isabelle

the windsurfing lesson - isabelle

Medailonek e-shopaře Windsurfing Karlín

„Je jasné, že když děláte něco, co vás baví a naplňuje, dupete do toho stoprocentně.” Představujeme vám příběhy našich e-shopařů na Shoptetu. Ve Windsurfing Karlín žijí svým koníčkem a díky tomu za nimi stojí zástupy věrných zákazníků, od...

First lessons Windsurfing in Camocim/Ceará/Brasil

Essa foi uma das minhas primeiras aulas de Windsurf, na ilha do Amor em Camocim Ceará Brasil

Stop your Arms burning! Windsurf Ride-Along sessions with Cookie

In this episode I will look at how we can control our rig and power using our front hand, to stop our arms burning and cutting our sessions short. Slight movements on the rig and harness adjustments, coupled with...

WIND LEGENDS The History of Windsurfing

I'm not taking credit for this film in any way at all, I just think it's a great film showing where our sport has come from. There are a couple key moments I really like in here that links...

Quiver Windsurfing Centre Harwich & Dovercourt GH4 & A7S in Essex

Quiver Windsurfing lessons Harwich & Dovercourt Essex learn windsurfing

WindSurf Comparison

Join us as we test two beginner windsurfing boards - inflatable vs plastic! Find out more about Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs here :

Antoine Albeau – The Legend of Windsurfing – FRA 192 🌊🌊🌊

Antoine Albeau - The Legend of Windsurfing - FRA 192 🌊🌊🌊 #Best of Windsurfing 2020, #4k, #Windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2020, #top Windsurfing 2020. Antoine Albeau - FRA 192 Nickname: Tonio Date of Birth: 17/06/72 Height: 185 Debut: 1992 Residence: France Nationality: French Accomplishments: 25 x World Champion...

Levi Siver Goes Snow Windsurfing in a Japanese Mountain

The windsurfer from Maui is the first ever person to ride a snowy mountain on a windsurfer. Levi Siver descended the slopes of Rishiri, in Japan. SurferToday: The Ultimate Surfing News Website | Subscribe to our channel: Follow us:

Next Level Windsurfing w/ Philip Köster

2X Windsurfing World Champion Philip Köster is fighting for the WM hattrick. We take a look at one of his training sessions in Ho'Okipa, Maui in advance of the WC season 2013 - watch Philip as he brings the...

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons – Windsurf Start Position & Sailing Position

For FREE 'Top Windsurfing Tips & News' check out: You can sign up to receive regular posts about all things windsurfing: news, reviews, advice & discussions. Tips on techniques, bargain buys, travel destinations & equipment reviews. Regular how-to articles, video...

Windsurfing Lesson: How to Crash Properly

Jack teaches Olga how to crash safely :)

Episode 5: Downwind 360, how to, tips technique tutorial windsurfing

TWS ( Freemove Technique Series is a series of instructional videos. We teamed up with professional windsurfing coach Colin ¨Whippy¨ Dixon ( to explain you all the details about downwind and upwind moves that will help you put your...

Windsurf-Manöver: Duck Jibe

Alle ausführlichen Manöversequenzen, Fehleranalysen und Vorübungen findest du im Halsen-Special der Ausgabe surf 06/2016 oder in der surf-App (für Tablet-Computer; zu finden bei Google Play oder im AppStore).

Formula windsurfing Fin flex

Equipment: Sail: Severne 11.6 Board: Gaastra Fin: ________ 74 cm Super soft Wind: Not much