Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of GREG HASTINGS PAINTBALL 2 for the Xbox 360 from Majesco. GREG HASTINGS PAINTBALL 2 is first-person shooter with a little less carnage. There a number of real paintball courses in the game as well as a bunch of paintball pros that you can draft to your team. This video game review features GREG HASTINGS PAINTBALL 2 video gameplay footage and commentary.

This video game review is from CGR reviewer Ray.


  1. for you people suggesting “just playing real paintball”, I love paintball. however it’s expensive as FUCK. This is much cheaper, and not a horrible substitute for the time being

  2. paintballer: HA! see paintball is so much better than airsoft. WE have games made after us.
    airsofter: look at battlefield and tell me that’s not like airsoft

  3. not really, cod doesnt have all the good guns i want, it would be more like this game, except little pellets, automatic guns, gun replicas, and better field editor, and also way better gameplay. so not not even close to cod

  4. well it’s different. I play paintball and airsoft, in my opinion airsoft hurts more because it stings, while paintball leaves more bruises.


  6. lol this conversation ended about a month or two ago lol. cant call someone else a “faggot” if you dont even comment on the conversation within like a week. your arguing over something i no longer give two shits about. give up kid

  7. I’ll be honest, the 1st one was better. It requires skill, unlike the way they tried to make this like the popular ‘Call of Duty’, where you just bluntly run forward, shooting anything that moves. Play the first one Mr Reviewer’s, and tell me the difference.

  8. they should make greg hastings airsoft that would be awesome. paintball is cool, but honestly id rather play an airsoft game

  9. hmmm the graphics arnt too good the player characters look horible and move like a 1990s pc game thats the only thing i dont like bout it

  10. Why would a paintball video game even be made? just get up, get out and play the game/sport. Yeah its expensive to buy your own stuff but once you play, you’re hooked and you’ll wanna go all the time and the gear will pay itself off in no time. It looks like an ok game, but actually doing it is way better.

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