What’s happening in this Charlie St. Cloud movie clip?
At the funeral, Charlie (Zac Efron from Neighbors and High School Musical) runs off, unable to put Sam’s (Charlie Tahan) baseball glove in the grave. Running through the woods, Charlie finds Sam’s spirit and discovers that they can interact. Charlie fulfills Sam’s dying wish by practicing baseball with him every day at sunset.

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What’s the movie Charlie St. Cloud about?
Adored by his single mother (Kim Basinger from The Natural) and his little brother Sam (Charlie Tahan), Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Efron from Neighbors and High School Musical) is an accomplished sailor and college-bound senior with a bright future ahead of him. When Sam dies in a terrible accident, Charlie’s dreams die with
him. But, so strong is the brothers’ bond that, in the hour before each sunset, Charlie and Sam meet to play catch. The return of a former classmate (Amanda Crew from Sex Drive) leads Charlie to a difficult choice: remain stuck in the past, or let love lead him to the future.

Credits: © 2010 Universal Pictures

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