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  1. Hi sir….u are a gr8 teacher….u spread chess in the lockdown and didnt leave chess….Everyone are inspired by u….so am i which lead me to make a chess channel of mine…….Everyone can support me by viewing my channel(CHESS CRAZE) and subscribing it……Sir It would be gr8 if you would also view my channel….Thank You…

  2. Honestly though.
    Isn’t London vs KID like the most boring that Chess can get, with both sides going for the most boring systems?

    Maybe Scandinavian is more boring..

  3. Eric is the chess streamer that all other streamers need to emulate. Every single video he releases is great and I never want it to change

  4. I want to thank you for your content. I’ve been getting better thanks to you and Gotham chess. Your my chess guru. 😀

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