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IM David Pruess presents the important “Removing the Defender” tactic, and all of its different facets.


  1. Yes, a little elementary, but the goal is to put up all the types of tactics, and after that the examples will get more complicated. Still, there are plenty of people this is useful for, and there are also plenty of advanced videos in our YouTube channel already 🙂

  2. @Taconacho0122 most people in the world are beginners to chess, and it is our intention to put a lot of elementary videos out there. at the same time, even among experienced chess players, few of them know these fundamentals in a very organized and precise way; so if they choose to, they can improve the depth of their chess understanding through these elementary videos.

  3. The only elementary thing in chess is the players mindset. All the pieces fit together in such a way that they are all equally important. Only with a firm understanding of the hows “tactics” can you understand the whys “strategy” of chess.

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