You’re watching Chess Tips, where in 7 minutes or less I’ll go into detail about chess concepts in the middle and endgame. Today’s theme is attacking the enemy king and the rule of “plus 2”.

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I have two full repertoires with White (e4) and Black (e6/b6)!

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  1. These are great. Could you make a playlist that groups all the “Chess Tips” videos together?

  2. When he says lower rated like 1500, 1600…
    While me watching this having 800 rating thinking I am average player.

  3. so i am like 900 idk y but i consider my self a good playwe given i have had no training and recently got into chess….i havwe defeated much higheer opponnents tho, i founmd the move e4 almost instantly does that mean i am good player for real?

  4. Great video, but I feel it glossed over an important point that’s quite hard for beginners and intermediates to understand, which is when a piece counts as a defender. In your Gotham Guide there was a game where the player who was on the defensive had what looked to me (1500 like several defenders but you mentioned the rule of +2 and said “these pieces aren’t defenders; they’re just near the king but they’re not defending” and I thought “how do you tell the difference?”. I was hoping this video would illuminate this issue but I found it didn’t really. In your third example you even say “five pieces versus… whatever it is”. What is it, Levy, WHAT IS IT??

    Seriously though, your videos are great and I’ve learned a lot from you. Having no income, I’m very grateful for all your high quality, free content!

  5. Hey man idk if you’re gonna see this. But I’ve been binging a TON of your videos as well as Hikaru’s, as well as playing a ton of online chess (ironically it had NOTHING to do with that Netflix show, I genuinely just happened to get interested in the game right when it came out).

    But basically I was in a slump and felt like my game wasn’t improving. But then when I paused at 5:15 to see which piece is best to move and not only chose the correct original piece but then knew which order to attack my pieces with afterwards, and then I un-paused the video to see that I was exactly right. I literally jumped out of my seat. Man I’m so happy right now. Thanks for the content and the continued help it’s sincerely appreciated!

  6. How have I never heard of en passant? God I suck at this game. Thanks Levy and YouTube algorithm. Two weeks ago I hadn’t played a game of chess in at least a decade. Now I can’t stop playing and my wife has a renewed wonder of just how nerdy her husband might be. 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  7. hey that game of your 1100 student vs that 1350 player, could you maybe go over how they got there? that development looks amazing, or maybe point out which video contains how i would get there? I am rated about 950 on at the moment, thank you!!

  8. Just started learning chess 2 weeks ago when I stumbled on your channel! Love your videos, thank you.

  9. I’m new to chess, I’ve always known how to play but never did and I’m playing bad chess bots but once I get them down to basically just their king and maybe a pawn while I have a bishop, 2 rooks and my queen and I can’t put them in checkmate. Any tips?

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