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  1. This is our Father, Jesús and all the heavenly angels when we reach our goals. Amen my brothers and sisters

  2. Nd that what life about , those moments do make the difference in future , greetings to his master nd the brave kid nd his mates

  3. The way the kids storm him all at once. They were ready to do it cause they knew the boy would succeed. 😢

  4. This is the morality karate teaches. People think bullies are too strong, but their too weak to know how to use strengthh

  5. And the moral of this heartfelt video is:
    *Let your friends cheer you on and anything is possible*

  6. Good job to the teacher who didn’t go soft on him and kept encouraging this boy. Sometimes we don’t realize how important it is to be a leader and to believe in the people around you the way this instructor did. 10/10

  7. Every once in a while when I’m feeling down, I revisit this video and it never fails to bring me up again! Amazing and inspiring.

  8. Huge shout out to the boy who lifted him up by his collar. The literal definition of picking him up when he was down

  9. That is awesome coaching! 😄
    The problem is if that kid didn’t break the board, leftists would push this video viral, and the coach would be fired for abuse.

  10. Kids teaching us adults how to behave – no agenda, just total support and encouragement instilled through a great teacher – great video

  11. Nations develop in order to encourage the loser until he succeeds, and the disagreeable tries in any way they thwart the successful until he fails…..👍🏻

  12. This feels fake but It’s probably not.its just so hard to see something as amazing as this in this evil world it doesn’t feel right

  13. Some teachers are more like fathers…respect to this master!He build a new life there…

  14. This video always makes me crying… this little guy teach me a big big big lesson NEVER SURRENDER!

  15. This make me reflect… It’s incredible how people change their attitude towards someone, when they know how difficult it was for her or him to achieve it.

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