April 28, 2021

Ang Jangbu checked in from Base Camp to let us know that our teams were doing well and everyone was active today.  At Camp 1 our Team 2 was up and on the trail early this morning and had a great climb up in the Western Cwm to Camp 2.   Meanwhile up at Camp 2 our Team 1 geared up after breakfast and took an acclimatization hike towards the Lhotse Face to get a better look at the bergschrund and the route.  Our Camp 3 climber led by IMG Guide Sherpa Fura took off from Camp 2 earlier and had a fantastic day climbing up the Lhotse Face to lower Camp 3.  The weather has been truly fantastic and all of our climbers are taking care of business on this first rotation.

Looking forward, Team 1 will return to EBC in the morning for some well-deserved rest.  Team 2 will have an active rest day at Camp 2, taking the same hike towards the Lhotse Face and our Sherpa Team will begin preparations for chopping out Camp 3 and moving gear and oxygen further up the mountain.

All is well on Mount Everest!

Greg Vernovage