We’ve managed to talk Jamie Hughes into giving away his biggest secrets when it comes to margin fishing. He goes into detail on the rigs for margin fishing. How to feed a margin swim and how to catch carp and f1’s in the margins.

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  1. Been suffering with foul hooked fish lately. Watching this has shown me the reason for it. Too big a pot of bait and in turn attracting too many fish and they go about squabbling over it lol. Many thanks to u

  2. Nice 👍🏼🎣 Greetz from Germany🇩🇪✌🏻️ Check out my stuff🎬👀🙏

  3. Hi Jamie, new to pole fishing and started fishing a few friendly matches. What micro pellets are you using please?

  4. What a brilliant video , I love it . I used to go fishing , mainly fishing pond’s with a bit of river fishing . I was involved in a car accident , I was the last car in a line of traffic in fog . A car hit me at speed ,and my life changed from that day on woods . I am now disabled ,and I miss going fishing I loved year’s 23 a go . Please keep making these videos TV 👍

  5. Hi I found the same at my club lake Witch has about four feet deep in the margin. I started to feed the swim each time by using a large pellet cone of bait after each fish works great. Always a great to watch a master a work. thanks Jamie keep the tips coming.

  6. Sort your videos out, these are about fishing – stop it with the endless shitty slow mo shots and crap music. We’re interested in fishing not student level video editing!

  7. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, I have learned so much from watching your videos and I very much appreciate it but please, why is it that you and other presenters when discussing rig depths or length of line between float and pole tip always give a very ruff guesstimation? 

    “What you gonna give me there, I’m gonna go for 14-inch, 15 inch, 16 inch so say 15, 16 “ inch.

    Now I know you are a man of precision and your fishing is based around that so please would it be possible to give accurate measurements when discussing lengths – be it fishing depths or line above float as this would help me greatly when comparing your fishing situation with mine. I guess it’s just a pain to carry a small measuring tape?

  8. 11:38 that fish heard mixing the two together and jumped clean out of the water for it. Class video

  9. Jamie=genius, years ago I wrote on my old float box ‘think first before fishing’ I did but I obliviously didn’t think enough!! Great/winning tips.

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