Colin Cowherd talks NFL on today’s show. Colin discusses the similarities between Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin Cowherd explains why Cam Newton and Russell Westbrook are similar | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. Every Colin Cowherd Podcast is based off the “Inverted Triangle”. Start Broad and Then Specify

  2. Gotta admit im a cam fan(not as much as i was in times past) but colin has a point with the westbrook comparison. Every description he used was dead on accurate. It actually poses a real question to me. Is it the more athletic you are the dumber/less skilled? And vice versa meaning the less athletic you are the smarter/more skilled?

  3. stop it Carolina is just find cam is a mvp qb best rushing qb ever stop hating on black qbs…….well he will be the first rushing qb super bowl winner …….stop hating dude

  4. Cam? Thicc and trunky. Westbrook? Coastal kid with midwest ethos. BOTH have been divorced at a Starbucks in Silicon valley!

  5. All you have to do is look at his completion percentages year to year to confirm he is inaccurate

  6. Stop talking about the 15-1 season that was a combination of defense and a lucky, it clicked, year for cam he’ll never repeat it

  7. Newton is different because he only has to play offense.
    However a rushing attack brings physicality to the game 💯

  8. People talking about Benjamin’s weight proves the point that you guys can’t stay on topic. His weight means what exactly to this situation? He was 100% right about Cam. How are you missing a receiver who is 6’5 and can jump like a beast? Cam is a great talent not a great QB.

  9. I love how he raves about how good the saints front office and how good drew brees is and now he’s questioning Ron Rivera’s coaching but who’s the only team to win the nfc south back to back seasons cam newton Ron Rivera and the Carolina panthers in 2013 2014 2015

  10. Benjamin still ate his way out of the Carolinas and Colin still a hater of everything except lebron🤷🏾‍♂️

  11. So it’s cams fault that kelvin Benjamin showed up to camp at 280 pounds? Is it cams fault that Kelvin benjamin can’t get separation,can’t run a route and that he has butter fingers? Panthers record with Benjamin 19-23-1. Panthers record without Benjamin 23-3. Cam does better with practice squad wide receivers than with cam newton. But I guess if cam did dink and dunk passes the whole time like Dak people would think cam is accurate

  12. He makes great points, y’all who just call hate are the same as the liberals who just name call people without any facts. People go to name calling when they know they are beat. Everyone defending down here knows deep down that he’s right and you just don’t want to admit it.

  13. The difference is that Durant could actually talk about Westbrook because HES AN ALL TIME GREAT Benjamin is an overweight below average receiver that can’t get 2 inches of separation yet he’s talking to an mvp like he’s Jerry rice

  14. this guy so damn wishy washy do you hate cam or not is he a true qb or not. 😡 #keeppounding #panthernation

  15. there are things about cam that i dont like….. with that being said he is way more of a team player than westbrook

  16. If you notice everyday it seems that Coherd has an, “Attack Cam Segment” daily during the season. Even some of the “Yes Men” he has on the show has asked him to “Lighten up.” Cam and R. Westbrook appears to be honorable, good in their comm, and you have not seen their names in a police blotter. I see you Coherd.


  18. Lets be honest, how good would Brady be in Carolina with that “offensive Line” made of Elmers glue and wet napkins, receivers who wouldn’t start for any other team in the league and a running game that that shows up every 4 games? And lets not even get on the offensive play calling smh

  19. Skip payless was the most ignorant person in media, this year it was Colin the cow head….i wonder who will get the 5 mil contract to become the most ignorant troll in the world next year?

  20. Yall all hating on q.b. is more valuable than him to a team..small or big market..chris Carter looks like a Muppet on steroids

  21. Here we go again & again !!! We’ve Read that book or seen that show … Stop showing re-runs Cowherd … Brady’s great .. Romo’s good above the shoulders Come from good families …. Westbrook & Cam Blah blah blah …. O yeah can’t forget about ur foster son LBJ .. u talking love love love the guy he’s the greatest far better than MJ …

  22. Was on board with Colin until he said the one thing you don’t need a QB to do is run. That’s dogwhistle racism. I think he’s too smart to not know it.

  23. What about kelvin being 280 pounds coming into training camp? How about Cam having his best season without kelvin. His interceptions were cut in half in the second half of last season without kelvin. Come on Colin…

  24. Everything you said is correct. The problem is that now it’s been made public what kind of person Kelvin Benjamin is, and his teammates won’t forget.

  25. I mute it because I know he’s hating on Cam. But he never talks about Andrew Luke’s 59% Career passes. And ppl gonna say Andrew didnt had a OL… Neither did Cam. And I’m talking about an ACTUAL UNIT not just 2 guys. Ppl gonna say Andrew didnt had a defense. SO WHAT? If you that great you can still win games. “Andrew was hurt” 2016 and 2014 Cam played HURT

  26. SO, this Cam talk is funny. Cam needs to do better at the small things. Ya mean like handing the ball off cuz the WR’s can’t get separation? Greg Olsen hasn’t complained.. HOF Caliber TE, seems to be completely cool with Cam. Sure…. You’re right.

    Yes, Cam has issues still, can’t blame the WR’s for all of it. But, look at his WR’s since Steve Smith was no longer in the Mix, and tell me which one was ANYWHERE CLOSE to Smith’s level!

    Cam MADE Philly brown (A shorter WR) a name. Ted Ginn JR was pretty much DONE until Cam brought his career back to life.

    Come on… Those were the Panthers STARTERS, in the SUPER BOWL, the year Cam won league MVP!

  27. Colin just be hating on Cam Newton. Dude said Cam had better receivers than Drew Brees last year….. he couldn’t have been watching the playoffs, I remember receivers dropping balls and touchdown passes. Colin just be talking to talk sometimes.

  28. Bruh this why ur not even close to a top analyst. Shut up man u suck. Russ and cam are MVP. What are u? Skip and Shannon are better than u. Stephen a Smith. Dude u suck

  29. Had the Supersonics stayed in Seattle, Colin would be praising Russ’ athleticism and competitive fire and ripping KD for turning his back on them until he’s blue in the face.

  30. great a video of about my favourite two athletes and colin cowherd. what could go wrong? 😛

  31. Maybe Kelvin wouldn’t be complaining if he wasn’t the size of a blimp. Sheesh like an athlete can’t change and mature after being a veteran in the league

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