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  1. Even better: someone submitted a picture of the dog pissing as a suggestion for the new Mississippi state flag.

  2. Y’all know the team in the white in last video lost right? I played football for 8 years and y’all had me questioning what happened

  3. About the excessive celebration penalty…

    In the 1980’s, the University of Miami was a huge upstart team, doing better than the more pedigreed colleges, winning national championships, and the players were recruited from poorer black areas, particularly in South Florida. They weren’t supposed to be there, competing at that level.

    The players would celebrate in increasingly exaggerated ways, and the fans, coaches and players of other teams HATED Miami for it.

    The very conservative rules committee of the NCAA was swift to institute rules against excessive celebration during the University of Miami’s heyday.

    You got a sense that they were trying to put U of M ‘in their place’. There is also an element of racism that enters into it, especially having read some of the sports writers of the time. Stuff like, when University of Miami was matched up against Texas in a yearly game called “The Cotton Bowl” a headline written about it was “Miami Picks Cotton”, or labelling the game against the catholic Notre Dame University “Catholics vs. Convicts”.

    There is actually a pretty decent and entertaining documentary made about this era of Miami football called The U (which is a nickname for University of Miami). There may be a highlights video of it on YouTube that could be worth a reaction, too.

  4. A “muff” refers to a player dropping a punt while never having complete possession of the ball. A “fumble” refers to dropping a ball after having complete possession of the ball.

  5. Excessive celebration is really only a thing in college football.
    They will give you a penalty in the NFL if you directly taunt another player, or if your celebration is excessively vulgar (like when Randy Moss mooned the crowd) but they allow a lot in the NFL.
    In college football they penalize a lot of celebrations, trying to keep the college players more humble or something.

  6. The LSU vs Florida game this year ended similarly to the last game but even more exciting. The Ole Miss player was penalised because football games are supposed to be family-friendly.

  7. Excessive celebration is basically anything. Just spiking the ball on the ground, dancing, anything like that. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Should have had Cal vs Stanford where they pitched like 5 laterals to upset the game. Great end. I think that was in the early 80s.

  9. Excessive celebration is toward the players, not the fans. I miss the dances they used to do. But of course they take it much further than necessary, rubbing the opposing teams face in it.

  10. NO, the last play was a loss. He scored a TD (6 pts), the announcer even says “They are an extra point away”, but the man gets a penalty causing the PAT (Point After TD) to have to be kicked from much further away. The kicker missed it and they L O S E. His little antics cost them the game.

  11. Once again, Blackbeard gets it wrong trying to explain the last play and tells you to pay attention. This happens all the time. Just ignore him, guys. 🙂

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