some of my adult league goals and assists after college from the 2016-2017 season.

I recorded this in 720p using this camera:
GoPro Hero 5:

To clamp the camera to the net I use these:
Clamp Mount:
Clamp Mount #2:

For matches over 1 hour your going to want an extra battery:


  1. Its called football not soccer and if thats what u call good then woow u guys need to come England

  2. Interesting comment section. Some of yall are flaming this dude for showing off against old out of shape dudes, some of yall are white knighting to defend OP.

    Here’s my take: cool enough video. dude shows good close control and a great shot. Yes, it was aided by the fact that the defenders did not apply much pressure and were more or less inept when they did. I think the mistake was the title of the video, frankly. You make it sound like any D1 player could do this against any A league, and I don’t actually think that’s true. In Texas, for example, we don’t give D1 soccer scholarships to the big schools and I have seen some great talent in the rec A league. The title puts rec soccer player on the defensive. It’s almost like saying “this is what I would do to you if we played each other.” Just title it “highlights from Indoor soccer A league” and the issue is avoided.

  3. Haha, indoor adult league soccer, where young ex college players keep their self-esteem high by playing even older washed up guys.

  4. Sure show the skill difference whatever. But to put that meathead in taking his shirt of ready to fight is what’s wrong with most D1 and American soccer.

  5. Sad…there’s 14-18 year olds in my city that play like this or maybe even better that US Soccer fails to recognize they need to step up their program so much wasted talent here in the USA

  6. 1:50 takes shirts off and then proceeds to back up lmao! I’m so confused. Good thing you had someone to stick up for you after your attempted intimidation fail.

  7. dude’s probably trash in d1 soccer. Trying to make himself seem like he’s the man in an indoor sunday league

  8. This guy probably is really good but like come against those guys shiit I could probably break them even worse and I haven’t even played soccer in like a year

  9. Here in mexico there is better competition in the local soccer fields. Nice shots though but goal keepers were real bad haha. Ill give you credit though but yeah your team wouldnt do so good against the top local teams here. It would be fun though.

  10. 1:59 anyone else think that was a dick move🤔my guy looked like he was in his 30’s and got shoved hard i get its soccer and all but smh🤦🏻‍♂️

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