Thursday, December 24, 2020: Get daily free sports picks, sports betting tips and advice from Teddy Covers and The Prez Monday through Friday on WagerTalk Today. On every show, the Dynamic Duo break down the biggest games on the board with special guest handicappers, giving out free NFL, NBA, college basketball, college football, soccer and UFC picks, they check-in with elite Vegas bookmakers to get legit inside info from real-life sharps, and close out the show with the Stat GOAT, Ralph Michaels, delivering the strongest sports betting trends and angles in play every day.

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On Thursday’s show, prop specialist Andy Lang delivers some of his favorite NFL prop bets on the Week 16 card. Teddy and Prez breakdown some matchups, and Ralph Michaels offers up the latest in trends and angles.

📺 Teddy Covers and Prez discuss the “Game of the Night”, handicapping the biggest game on the card across all sports – NFL, College Football, MLB and beyond. Teddy breaks down his 6B’s segment: Bad Beats, Bad Bets and Bad for the Books.

📈 📉 WagerTalk Today goes behind the counter to get a look at the public and sharp betting action with a special guest each day.

📚 Sports betting trends and angles close out the show with professional handicapper and stat king Ralph Michaels as he gives out his ANGLE OF THE DAY.

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  1. Let me just say this, relative to one of the last live chats regarding luck, or Luck, all thAt monAy thAt eYe just did NOT NOT NOT lose on the dAt miAmAY teAm was PuRe LUCK

  2. thanks Teddy, not that Ralph was doing this, but i can’t stand when i’m reading a tip on some site and some d-bag is saying “well, when the barometic pressure is less than 52, with the dew point being 60% above normal per an average day in the Northern Hemisphere, the (insert any team) are 16-2 ATS! ???

  3. Teddy kinda ruined it at the end lol I was looking forward to the nfl talk #stopbullyingprez happy holidays y’all!

  4. Dach is out and I can’t find any lines yet for Boxing day Canada. My plan with his uncertain goaltending and a couple defenders on CAD whom lack defensive abilities that the overs are the play. Still line waiting and computer programming for this NHL season. I’m gonna crush hockey multiple ways this year as its as easy for me dominate DFS as it was for Gretzky the scoresheet in the 80s but with my ability to run the simulations I can and the odd bets bookmakers put out. I’m looking forward to it.

    I took a 100% bonus so I guess I need to bet a lot and this is one way to help enable such to occur.

  5. Merry Christmas Pres and Teddy.. been following y’all for longer then I can remember.. and it’s been at least 5-6 to years now.. May y’all have a blessed Holiday Weekend and BOL to all those bettors.. Let’s Get That Money Bag and End the Year off Strong!!

  6. What’s going on here, the constant arguing is just not cool. I’m gonna tuck into 12 Krispy Kremes and watch the Hawaii Houston bowl game. Aloha and Festivus for the rest of us.

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