DangeMan and Son Declan play with a third player in a 5 on 3 paintball game at Paintball Action Games in Glasgow Delaware. DangerMan provides commentary. WARNING: leveraging my channel mentioning any other channel will result in your post being DELETED. You can criticize, but not attack. It’s my channel and that’s how it works. Don’t like it? This channel is here to help new players stay in the game. If you notice a technical skill that not perfect, I won’t fault you for discussing that. But you you attack, I’ll just delete and ban you. This is NOT a democracy here. THAT IS HOW YOU DEAL WITH TROLLS.


  1. follow me at my channel (where it is a democracy) for even better paintball tutorials. I don’t even do meth.

  2. I played my first game last month and It was awesome. I managed to shoot out some more advanced players somehow.

  3. Yep I totally hear ya dangerman, I heard some younger kids were getting dominated when I just went to Northeast Adventure. I said to their mom of the group, I would come in and help them out, the older kids were hitting them each with a bunch of paint, so I’d just go full auto. I also try to give them your tips and such too. Next time I go soon, I’ll try to help more of them out, I will say I was getting a lot of comments about how nice my gun is from people and refs lol

  4. I’m glad you,share your experiences to help others like myself, you should make a dye assault matrix video😎

  5. Hey man, what tank do you use? It looks like it stays out of the way a bit. I would really want to get my hands on one of them.

  6. Hey DM, do you have any videos on sliding? I’ve tried sliding as I’m getting more into speedball and I’ve watched many videos but when I try to do it myself k end up landing on my side and don’t even slide at all. Any tips? @DangerMan

  7. So I recently got into paintball, 2 weeks ago actually.  And lately I have been watching a lot of your videos on how to get better as a player and I really appreciate your awesome videos!  But I was wondering what are your thoughts on the Azodin Kaos and is it a worthwhile investment to buy a paintball marker after 2 times playing?  Also what are some good worthwhile paintball gear (protective, I could never play with my shirt off) that are worth the money?

  8. that is not good form no offense get a bigger tank you will feel much more comfortable you will be able to hold ur hopper in and have ur arm in tighter and more comfortable good try tho

  9. I agree DM, I think it’s cheap to use your shot-out teammates walking off the field as cover. I’m not firing so as to allow a player I shot to walk off with being over-shot unnecessarily, and then his teammate pops up and shoots me from behind him? That’s just cheap. Only kids do that kind of thing because they don’t know any better.

  10. Dangermn is just having fun and helping other beginners players if your so amazing yourself go make your own videos, its harder than you think

  11. Jeans, no shirt, profanity towards the other team, and pointing out every aspect of your “skill” in an arrogant manner. I’m glad you make it your personal duty to help out new players.

  12. In response to posting a video me verses good players, they are up. It’s hard in woodball to get cameramen to swing around or get a perspective shot. In this video, I was pounded with paint by three players on a speedball team. I really don’t know what more to tell you. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to continue the debate. However in the morning I’ll be in surgery and be incommunicado the next few days.

  13. LOL… I get it. I say that and I’m an ass. If you think I’m all bravado, I’m sorry. But unlike on YOUTUBE, when someone shows up at the field, they learn I’m not as you say.. BS. 🙂 And again if you play rec ball you know many rentals play with advanced players. It is just what it is. I don’t wreck them, I prey on fellow advanced players and again many players from far and wide know I’m not a liar. I’m a solid, capable player. If you don’t believe me, okay. I wish you all the best.

  14. One question, why is it that I can’t remember you ever holding your marker correctly? The tank is supposed to go into the crook of your shoulder, not the outside of your arm.

  15. Thank you for a prompt reply. I do not so much have a beef with you personally. Just some of your methods, I applaud your efforts to help out the younger players and new guys looking for help. Everyone can appreciate that. However it is impossible to please everyone, some things are great, others not so much. As for “trolling” …”if you are a prograde player and you want to troll….” As you begin to snap shoot out of snake. As for the running and gunning that was just plain funny to watch haha

  16. Damn… I didn’t answer your sideways shooting assertion either. This is just something I began to do for pure fun. What’s amusing is over time I got good at it. It’s woodsball… or in this case hyperball and it’s not speedball. But I do like to button ears back as I’m heading up to the 50. My ‘gangnsta grip’ hip shot is just a fun trademark. I possibly play more paintball than anyone. I play almost the entire year 3 to 4 weekends a month. You begin to have fun with shooting styles for laughs.

  17. OH… and I am sorry but I don’t know what you mean by describing snapshooting as trolling. There may be a miscommunication there. I do often call out trolls in my videos as it amuses me.

  18. I often get na-sayers. I’m okay with that. I also have a HUGE bullseye on my head when people see me at the field. EVERYONE wants a piece of me, yet I still go many games & sometimes days without a hit. I say that with a caveat, my son and I when paired up are lethal. NOW, having said this, I’m humble & I let my gun do my talking. I have the respect of big names & companies for a reason, I’m not all talk. Feel free to carry on this conversation with me privately if you have a beef. Respect. 🙂

  19. Snake. I appreciate your cynicism. Before you get too wrapped up or invested in your point, remember I assist REC BALL / Woodsball players. What does this mean? It means if you are under the illusion that ALL speedball fundamentals apply, that is a mistake. You also mistake that because I shoot videos with beginners in them, that NO advanced players are on the field in those games. There are. I can ease up with noobs and I do. I don’t hold back on advanced players. I’ll continue…

  20. I have a question, if you are so good at paintball why does it seem that you always seem to be playing against renters or 14 year old kids. Also I have NEVER seen an “advanced player” run and gun sideways, from the hip,with one hand… You also refer to yourself as a prograde player and describe snapshotting as “trolling?” I dont even???!!!???!!!???

  21. naw you see that little spindle on the floor is blocking his foot its kinda hard to tell until you notice that smaller spindle

  22. I assure you, if my foot was in someone’s line of sight, they would shoot at it. I played those spindles for years. I had not been shot in my foot in 9 years. I do understand what it looks like and if you think it was out. It was out. I won’t argue with you. 🙂

  23. Two weeks. I’m in LA this weekend to film for a TV show. It airs in Oct/Nov and I’ve signed an NDA so I can’t talk about it yet. But it is on TruTV. Follow DangerManXX (link above) on twitter for announcements regarding things like that and my book release, Aeroplane City. Thanks for the support. I mean that. You guys have launched me and I’m honestly very grateful.

  24. I play on occasion at nearby fields, but I won’t promote their names on my channel as my home field is one I’m affiliated with. If you post local competitors… no offense, but I’ll delete them.

    But it is also important you know, my HOW TO play paintball videos are for Woodsballers. There are tons of Sup’Air videos by tournament pros. I’m filing the void for woodsballers. I hope that makes sense for you. LOL?

  25. O maybe I mistaked the proton for the vanquish somehow or maybe you just had one for some reason I have a mini love it but Im looking into the proton for my lil bro can you tell me some ups and downs

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