Ian Fohrman began his photography career early – growing up, his dad’s old metal-body Nikomat 35m hung from his shoulder on its aging leather strap like an extra appendage. He consistently haunted our school’s darkroom at odd hours. On the mountain, Ian often ditched race training to go lap the terrain park or find deeper turns in the old growth trees on the other side of the mountain. He was too fun-loving, free-thinking and distractible to become a serious ski racer – plus, he was too beautiful of a skier.

In 2004, Ian began his career at Powder as a contributing writer. He has since found ways to make his creativity further support his life and adventures. He has spent the last 16 years helping build The Public Works, a unique Denver-based creative agency founded in 2005 by snowboard industry legends Mike Arzt and Frank Phillips, into a recognizable brand, known for their creative work ranging from unique industrial design to award winning production.

Ian’s work has brought him to the far regions of every continent besides Antarctica. He has written, shot, and directed award winning content for some of the biggest brands in the world (from Redbull to Airstream). His photos have appeared everywhere from the cover of the Wall Street Journal to international billboards and graced the pages of nearly every major outdoor publication. Ian’s most cherished moments, and most inspired work, comes when he’s in challenging circumstances – Skiing the Grand Teton or holding his breath to get a shot under the Indian Ocean.

Personally, I’ve always loved Ian’s images because they offer a glimpse into the way he sees the world, which is truly a gift in every frame. Though he possesses great technical skill, it’s his mindfulness that sets him apart as a photographer. — Tess Weaver