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  1. What if the opponent doesn’t know how to play chess it would be very fatal for me since Idk what do lol

  2. In the second variation I got many wins in bullet chess with the Queen fork at b5, but if instead of Qd4 Black plays Nc6, then I am in trouble if I capture the pawn because Black can play Nd4 attacking my Queen and threatening a fork on c2.

  3. ok i deal with this line a !!!!LOT!!!! lol in 1 minute chess, i get to it mostly by mistake because i always open with e3, i know most of the lines you mentioned by figuring them out the hard way BUT nxf7 is GOLD awesome trick thank you for that 1:D!!!!

  4. Excellent Tricks in the game of Chess, yes but will your opponent fall for it ???
    Thanks 🙏

  5. Pretty meritless and nonsensical suggestions ! The one has been said at first can never bring u any good unless ur opponent is as naive as a newbie to chess-playing. Any ordinary player against u can figure out ur plan in no time when u place the white knight to G5.

  6. 😘😘This chess trick was so dirty that I switched over to porn when my parents walked in 😘😘

  7. Another dirty chess trick that you could do at 8:00, is after Qxb2 you can do Bd4 and the Queen will take d4, then you can move Bb5+, and you can take the Queen. (Only do this on low-level players though)

  8. AMATEUR CHESS PLAYER CHALLENGE! Let me put one of YOUR games on my channel. Click and find out how.

  9. Your chess table rectangular shaped, please do that square shape, this is weird in that style. Salutes from Istanbul.

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