In this online video, I evaluate the Toronto Maple Leafs Reverse Retro jersey from major to base and go more than the top quality of the jersey and product or service from Adidas.

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  1. I personally would never buy any adidas “authentic” indo jersey. Quality is just garbage. Team issued or gamers for me. I really like the reverse retros and plan to buy an issued or game worn when they auction them

  2. Thanks for saving me money! I was thinking about buying one already customized from real sports. I’ll just pass on this. I did buy the George Armstrong patches though.

  3. I can only like this video one. I tried liking it a million times. I hate what adidas has done, it’s almost on par with the Asian jersey. There all junk. The Canadian Reebok edge authentic 2.0 jersey is where it’s at.

  4. I may have missed the video but I would love to hear about how you started the channel and got into the hockey industry. I'm a data guy myself and have been teasing the idea of getting into the hockey biz.

  5. This Leafs reverse jersey looks really bad. Looks bad on ice too. Toronto needs to stick to a solid Blue and White.
    I would never buy this version of reverse jersey, looks cheap and the person that designed it doesn't know how to design.
    Going any shade of Grey was a huge mistake.
    No More Wearing these ugly things.

  6. In my opinion I got the jersey and I gotta it’s my first time buying an adidas I think it’s just better blank and it’s better then the red wings RR tbh

  7. For 10$ my girlfriend can make that with her cricut haha……Also these jerseys were made and manufactured during covid im assuming that sacrifices were made cause not all conditions could be met.

  8. Poor Auston Matthews being wasted in Toronto. I wonder when he asks for a trade. He deserves better. Especially when he has to wear a pos Leafs RR jersey.

  9. Didn't really notice the flaws on my jersey until you actually pointed them out. Wow, the quality on these RRs are terrible compared to the regular Home/Away jerseys. I'd have to say my favourite Adidas jersey in my collection has to be my Matthews St. Pats jersey. The quality in terms of feel and materials used on that line of jersey is immaculate, and it feels like they didn't take any consideration used on the St. Pats jerseys into account when creating their RR line.

  10. I think ya mean HTV(heat transfer Vinyl) and not screen printing vinyl…..but either way it's a shame they charge so much for such poor quality.

  11. I got the Habs RR and the Carolina RR and I'm satisfied. Maybe they all have the same quality but some seem better than others.

  12. The factory customization is absolutely awful. Its truly embarrassing that Adidas won't even try on the customization. But yet, Fanatics is somehow worse.

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