(8 Oct 2018) A stray dog ran onto the pitch during a National Football League match in Gori, Georgia on Sunday, delighting spectators. The dog spent around three minutes on the pitch. (Oct. 8)

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  1. I know this is another country and the dog had a tag. Was the dog a stray and can they not touch the strays? Some country’s you’re advised not to touch them because of rampant disease. Even the cute little puppies you can’t touch.

    Just makes me sad he wasn’t scratched and hope he found a home…

  2. The happiness and love from the dog is one of the purest thing on the world with zero fakeness….🐶♥

  3. Nice to see something interesting happen DURING a soccer game. Normally the after-riot is the only memorable part.

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  6. To all the disappointed folks who didn’t get to see any belly rubs. THIS is how OCD feels like.

  7. The dog was always watching Messi play on tv so he had the chance and took it to go onto the field and win the game

  8. Me: comes to a video to see a dog get their belly rubbed

    Dog: doesn’t get their belly rubbed

    Me: *and I took that personally*

  9. Dog be like : “if you dimbo dumbos can play this game with two feet why can’t I play, I’ve got extra pair of feet yo”

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