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The best Donovan Mitchell highlights on YouTube (maybe?) Some of the best moments from Donovan Mitchell’s rookie season so far this year.


  1. 6:54 Josh Hart on the bench bout to explode but remembered he’s a Laker 🤣😂😂👏

  2. Hey man can I ask what filter or effects you use to get the color the way the video is? I don’t know how well to do the brightness or anything.

  3. Plays like wade the way he finishes around the rim. Just a better jumpshot. Gonna be a hell of a player for a long time

  4. wow. simmons can be the next magic. this niggas the next bad ass. already. and, he didnt get a free yr of practice, facilities, physicians, film, etcetera.

  5. I’m convinced that Russell Westbrook and James Harden has a baby and named it Donovan Mitchell! He’s the perfect blend of both with Westbrook’s athleticism and Hardens shooting/Craftiness! He just needs to work on his passing abilities and then he’ll REALLY be a blend of both!

  6. i feel like he can do alot, but all of the ways he scores are the same. either alleyoops, three pointers or eurostep/spin move to the rim

  7. you gotta do a rookie mix for this draft class. this draft class has some serious potential, plus the number 1 pick hasn’t even played yet!

  8. anyone else a little bit of harden in him? i think he can be a harden type player, but more athletic and less of a passing mentality. some of my friend’s think he’s going to turn out like tyreke but his game is already so advanced

  9. The more I see this kid, the more I absolutely love his game. He reminds me of Dame Dolla, because he is all-around the best player in his draft, yet wasn’t seen as so. When westbrook and pg and melo gave him respect I knew Utah won the drafting this year. Lonzo is slowly developing (but I BELIEVE AT LEAST that he will be fine) and then Fox is doing alright, another slow development case there. Dennis Smith Jr. Is doing his thing in Dallas, but this Mitchell kid….insane. Especially versus teams such as the Thunder, and the Warriors.

  10. He deserves ROY. I don’t know his stats but you can feel the impact he has on each game he plays, something the other rooks don’t have. Thanks Max for introducing me to him.

  11. Just the best quality mixes you’re going to find! Great mixing the highlights, music and commentators reactions! Mitchell is just a crazy athlete, freak lenght for his height and mad mentality. Improving each day, you can notice that!

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