1. Pens fan and I love this so damn much (even if I can only hear Gob Bluth…), best hockey hype video I've ever seen. Good luck guys, hope you make it all the way, it's well deserved after last nights comeback.

  2. You should get a Syrian back up goalie for mapleleafs or syrian refugee defenceman train him start training him because Syria is destroyed totally in war n trudeau brought in reffugee so after the war thier should be Syrian s in canadain Sports like ruckbee or football or soccer or mapleleafs or marles or basketball we had kadri but you need syrian players to in sports because of the bloody war in 2014 2015 n the refugees dat are here like 350,000 of them maybe you need a Syrian superstar rapper or so in canada as well pick either one for star power

  3. I like how the leafs are making a super big deal out of all of this, when they aren’t even in the playoffs yet.

  4. Do you watch hockey? Maybe you do maybe you don’t. Do you have a favorite team or city? I’ll explain which teams you need to follow in order to grasp what’s going on in the hockey world. I will also compare each of these teams to their NFL counterpart.

    1. Toronto Maple Leafs; Canada’s team. Look at the iconic maple leaf logo. Toronto is the home of the hockey hall of fame. It is the headquarters of the NHL. You got to appreciate it’s the center of the sport. You need to follow the leafs because of the media circus that devils around it. (NFL; Dallas Cowboys)
    2. Montreal Canadians; This is the oldest team in the league, and look at the Stanley cup titles. They speak French in Montreal. The French Canadian heritage is respected among the hockey world. This team represents the French Canadian people of Canada and its many great players. (NFL; Green Bay Packers)
    3. Boston Bruins; The Bruins like the Leafs and the Canadians come from the original 6 teams. The Bruins have won – Stanley cups. Collegiate Hockey in Boston and New England is the primer in the United States. Typically are one of the best teams in the league year after year. (NFL; New England Patriots)
    4. Detroit Red Wings; Detroit is allot like Boston. Amazing historic franchises. They have won – Stanley cups. They too hail from the original 6. Iconic team. (NFL; Detroit Lions)
    5. Chicago Blackhawks; the Hawks also help form the original 6. They have won – Stanley cups. This club shares the spotlight with the bulls, bears, and cubs, but still holds its own in the Chicago sports world. That shows you Chicago’s passion for the sort of hockey. (NFL; Bears)
    6. New York Rangers; last club of the original 6 teams. The Rangers are historic having won – Stanley cups. Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, jarmior Jagr. The Rangers have arguably had the biggest name superstars wear the red white and blue. (NFL; Giants)
    7. Philadelphia Flyers; some love them some hate them, but the Philly fans are very passionate about hockey. The Flyers have had iconic teams. The Flyers logo and orange jerseys are a staple in the NHL. A great NHL franchise. (NFL; Eagles)
    8. Edmonton Oilers; the teams in western Canada don’t get enough credit in the United States, but Canadians know what’s up with the Oilers. Legendary teams and a historic Canadian franchise. Not the most flashy city, but hockey is king in Canada and the oilers are a part of that. (NFL; Washington Redskins)
    9. Vancouver Canucks; Vancouver is a beautiful city. Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics where Canada won gold in hockey. The City loves hockey just like the rest of the country. The Toronto of the west. (NFL; San Francisco 49ers)
    10. Calgary Flames; The Flames are another Canadian franchise on the list. Canada appreciates hockey and even fans in the USA should be following the major teams especially in Canada. Physical and fast describes most Calgary teams over the years. Nothing like watching the flames play in front of the Calgary fans. (NFL; Pittsburgh Steelers)
    11. Washington Capitals; The Caps have really made a name for themselves in recent years. They have been around for – years. They have built up rivalries with other primer clubs. Alex Ovechkin (the best current player) has brought the team to the forefront. (NFL; Baltimore Ravens)

  5. Fuck ya. This is killer. Has the same vibes as their "Stand Witness" video from a few years back, I love watching that one every now and again

  6. Let's go Toronto don't blink let's bring home the cup. We got the best hockey team in the playoffs. Love you Maple Leafs!!!!!!!!!

  7. Let's Go Leafs , nows the time 2020 is our year , we Canadians have been patiently waiting for THE PARADE , Raptors had a huge crowd for the parade, when the Leafs win the cup the earth below us will move from all the excitement. Marner, Mathews and Tavares are payed well to say the least now get on the ice , score goals dont choke and let's win this thing.

  8. so I should be worried about my tv shattering when the Leafs get a goal, that's what I took from this

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