World and European champion gymnast Elena Eremina, 16.
Elena, and her team mates Lilia Akhaimova, Valeria Saifuluna and Tatiana Nabiyeva, all hail from St Petersburg where they train together under the same roof with world class coaches such as Alexander and Vera Kiryashov. Their predecessors include Olympic champions such as Elena Shushunova, Elena Davydova and Alexander Detyatin
Now, it seems, the club is experiencing some problems – their facilities at a ‘new’ gym are very poor – no pit, they are landing on concrete floors, the apparatus are old, and there isn’t enough space for a busy gym with lots of children.  
The big problem is that the local St Petersburg admin refuses to help with the refurbishment of the gym.  So Elena, via her Instagram account, is asking us to post and repost her message explaining the situation.  
This is a recurring theme in Russia at the moment as we take on board the surprising decision to close the gym in Leninsk-Kuznetsk.  I hope that Elena’s campaign is successful and that this doesn’t signify wider problems for sports funding in Russia.
Elena at – search for Heleneremina.
Parents help to prepare the gym last year, but more work needs to be done.
The rules at Pushkin.  Only valid excuses not to train:
About to die
Sick and dying