After the death of his father, Jacob Martin (Chace Crawford) must find his long lost aunt if he is to inherit his family’s fortune. To collect, Jacob must discover his aunt’s fate as a known patient of the now defunct asylum, Eloise. With the help of his friends, Jacob breaks into the abandoned Eloise to find a record of his Aunt’s death. Unbeknownst to these four trespassers, Eloise is far from abandoned, as the spirits of Eloise’s worst doctors come back to life.


  1. I was at actually born in Eloise Michigan. The town sprang up originally to move the poor. It was a poor hospital. Eventually the area grew and it had a post office and everything, bakery, shops, blacksmith, and livery stable. The town was named after the postmasters daughter I recall.

    By the time the late 60’s rolled around, part of the hospital was a mental hospital and the other part was a regular hospital for predominantly unwed mothers. Back then, you didn’t have a baby at 17 unmarried at hospital in Dearborn…you went to Eloise.

    Now there’s hardly anything there. My husband likes to tease me and tells his family I was born in the nuthouse. Umm. Not quite lol

  2. I’m in the middle of watching this movie right now on ((1 2 3 movies. Film)) 👈 the greatest site for free movies/ TV shows & more !
    ….. but what I’m trying to say is that this movie is complete shit !!! It’s not even scary and the way they act makes the movie seem like a comedy…. especially with that 40 year old guy with the glasses who acts like a fucking idiot ! 👎

  3. I live so close to this place I could drive there in five mins and it’s right down the street from my school

  4. I work at the WRPH which is down the street from this place they shot the movie, it’s not that bad, lol.

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