Esports have taken a huge increase in viewers and players, especially with real sports now being forced to cancel their seasons. Racing is the first to take to the virtual games, with F1, but are other athletes and gaming commissions going to follow suit?

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We always knew that eSports were probably going to be the future sports entertainment, but now it looks like that future is coming a bit more quickly than we expected. With the current state of the world, most major and minor sporting events are canceled for the foreseeable future. Considering that a lot of people in the world are also now under what’s basically a quarantine, loads of people are looking for new ways to entertain themselves and new media to entertain them.

This all creates the perfect storm for eSports to rise to the occasion and become an even more popular form of competition and entertainment. After all, you don’t have to meet up with a large group to play multiplayer games and it doesn’t look like internet speeds are going to completely tank anytime soon. eSports are now a safer alternative to more traditional sports and even professional athletes are starting to pick up on this.

From Formula 1 racing, to basketball, to soccer, and even hockey, athletes have started competing online to compensate for their leagues ending early. Networks are also jumping on these virtual matches to fill all of the dead air that they’re now stuck with. While there are still plenty of things standing in the way of eSports becoming a mainstream phenomenon, it’s clear that the times are changing.

That’s why you absolutely need to watch this video from TheGamer so you can get an idea of what the wide world of sports will look like a decade from now.

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