Crappie Fishing Secrets! Crappie Fishing With A Jig! Folk’s today, we do some fall crappie fishing! I share tips, technique, and my setup! I hope you enjoy the video!




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  1. Why are you not taking any of those good eating fish home for supper? Keep a few for the frying pan best fish to eat to me.

  2. Richard Gene
    Richard, Richard, Richard!!!!
    Man you absolutely never seize to amaze me my friend, I believe you could catch fish out of a hand dug well!!! Simply amazing!!!! But what really amazes me is you go out and fish all day catching good fish,
    And what do you do?? Go home get mama Sue and go buy fish for supper. Go get um
    Ole buddy

  3. Mr. Gene, do you always fish with just one rod?. I fish lake Thurman in Georgia and my problem with catching crappie may be that I’m trying to fish too many rods. Also in the future can you do a video on fishfinders, particularly where the fish are as they are displayed on the screen. Love your videos keep up the great work.

  4. Richard Excellent video!!! How do you keep the inside of that boat so clean I would have catching fish DNA all in that boat lol

  5. Another down to earth informative fishing video. Thanks for sharing and helping me become a better angler.

  6. Why in the world y’all going to captain d’s when you catchin all them fish!? Another great video. Thank you sir.

  7. Richard what is your favorite color of Bobby Garland to fish in stained or murky waters?Love your channel almost as much as I love crappie fishing. 👍

  8. Much respect Richard Gene. Even the fish around 5:30 had so much respect for you she wanted caught twice and back in the Fishing Machine’s boat. Guess we’ll call her a “spotted groupie”.

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