My “Must Know” three techniques when fish are shallow during the spring time and spawn. Hopefully these tips will help you land your next PB Bass! We will have more Scott Martin Fishing Tips on the channel soon. Thanks for all of the support!

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  1. Need rig, did a sight fishing show at clear lake with it. Deadly on fish shallow on beds near shore fisherman.

  2. Man I love all the tournament videos BUT I really love these tip videos. That right there showed me a few things I’m doing wrong. Would like some help in tidal river scenarios. I fish Pascagoula river in South Ms. I know you know that one 🏆🏆

  3. I’ve been nailing them with a brown and light tan 1.5″ fly with my fly rod. Takes me 30-40 minutes to land them but they slam it. It seems to work best if you throw the bait in, wiggle a little, like Scott showed then just let it sit close to where you saw the fish to begin with. If I miss the fish the first time, it doesn’t hit the same bait again. So I switch bait right away and let it sit completely still, and then they slam it. I’ll be uploading a video this week of me catching a 2.5lbs bass on a bed with a fly pole, @harvestlandtv. Took me 40 minutes of taunting to get the first strike.

  4. This was an incredible video!!! I would love to see more of this. Thanks, Scott for all of your content, I’ve been binge watching for the last 2 weeks hahaha, and thanks Brandon for filming it all! Fishing is life

  5. Favorite bed fishing bait is the small Madman craw.
    I’d like to see a video that covers this scenario. You show up at a tournament lake on the heels of a big wave spawning. The fish seem to be in a funk. You know where they were up a week ago, but they aren’t there now. How would you go about fishing those areas?

  6. Love this time of the year getting to get out and go bed fishing! I just fished a tournament on lake lochloosa on Saturday and a guy in my tournament rolled up to the weigh ins with a 45.23 pound bag of fish! I had a 19.6 pound bag with a 8.2 as my big bass!

  7. I watch your videos every day! I’m from Texas and fish Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. Thanks for taking the time to teach other anglers things that could progress our fishin. Keep up the great work Scott.

  8. Just threw up a bed fishing video using some of your tips. Thanks for all the help Scott.

  9. 002-001, 6″ Lizard, Black Red. Love your work Mr Scott. Would love to meet you one day. Keep up the good work.

  10. scott…… guntersville is my home lake but because of all the fishing pressure i’m having trouble finding fish on the bed. Any tips you can give me?

  11. A Texas Rigged craw! I usually use a Rage Craw but this year I am trying bed fishing with the Bandito Bug and Krackin’ Craw. The results will be on my channel and I am hoping to catch my PB this year! Awesome tutorial Scott! Good luck in the tournament man!!

  12. Many years ago. I knew a 90 year old man who said it wasn’t cool to sight fish on beds. He said it ruined and interrupted the spawn by pulling fish off their beds. It alllowed bluegills to raid the bass beds. It cut down the amount of bass being reproduced for seasons to come. What is your opinion on this? I have watched many video’s of yours. Where you are sight fishing beds. I have done this my self. During this time other bass have either spawned or getting ready to. So I fish for bass in deeper water and still seem to do very well. Could you Please give me a answer or tell me who taught you to this during the spawn? Thanks, Scott for your opinion! SHAWN

  13. This is THE best bed fishing tutorial I’ve ever seen. You validate and elaborate on all of the work I’ve been doing lately. Thank you very much, Mr. Martin.

  14. That speed real is almost 100% what I do with my arkie lure salty crawler. I’m looking for reactions, fish in stalk mode. A lot of times if I miss them on that first reaction I’ll pitch back in and work it slow and usually I can get that bite… great tips scott. Keep it up!

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