Florida vs Texas A&M | Women Volleyball Mar 25,2021


  1. A new horizon of a political volleyball game will work pretty well to the idea of an open championship of the open championship of the idea in the open football game of a great quote of the past.

  2. Thank God for Carlton and the middles having some production because Florida’s outsides have not been themselves

  3. Don’t know what Paula Cerame or Riley Fischer did to upset Florida’s coaching staff that they are being sat for most of these games. Florida’s passing lineup has been Hall C’asar and McCissok for most of this spring season and it has cost them with all of the shanks and overpasses. This should not be put on the two DS players. Also, how does Cerame go from contention for Libero position to third DS? Must have killed her confidence.

  4. Florida needs to play hammons in back row for Carlton for serve receive . To much pressure being put on hall and Caesar. They won’t go far in the tournament without giving them some help.

  5. I feel like T’ara and Thayer have been off the last couple of games. Also Florida can’t play like this if they want to make it in the tournament. Too inconsistent.

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