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Pro Gamers Featured:

Emma Lee


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Soldiers Featured:
SGT Larry Salcido
SSG Paul Roseboro
SGT Javier Torres
SSG Paulette Lucas
SGT Luda Zhang
SSG Justin Gates

Announcer – Ian Eastin


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Gamers Vs. Soldiers Paintball Challenge | Rainbow Six Siege IRL


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  2. This is just stupid lol. It’s a unfair comparison, you are comparing a team of us soldiers who have been through a lot of training and have a lot of skill, with some gamers that play video games. If you put some gamers and some soliders online in a match of CoD for sure the gamers are gonna win, it’s their field. I know it’s just a experiment but it’s obvious that the soliders are gonna win in real life just how gamers are gonna win in games.

  3. If gamers defended they would have won it all , embarrassing for soildiers that they even lost

  4. although the soldiers won (as expected), its suprising that they lost a round, and even getting eliminated as a soldier is embarrassing.

  5. gamers got 1 point. armies now should include game simulations just like pilots. its a 1 point.

  6. We’re my…
    11 Bravo
    19 Deltas
    Cuz if it was any of those MOS it would of been a shut out on the gamers.

  7. They talk there strategy on a combat experience soldiers like real life experience how funny is that 😂😂

  8. Y’all just heard them say they basically play paintball everyday for training right? Shoot sign me up

  9. In the first game one gamer got shot in the hand and the other in the head yet they were still in? Help

  10. I doubt these games being so bad 😂 Shouting like they are in their room. Soldiers are the reason you play games today… Lucky to win 1st match being so bad at it 😂

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