This quide shows you how you can get free Streaming Channels on your Fire TV Stick, no unlocking is required, the App is avaliable in the App Store.


  1. Hi Chris, Many thanks for the video very helpful, but could you please tell me how you got the qvc channel only my number one in command has requested it.
    Thanks again Alan.

  2. Hi, I am getting an error message. “Server error, please try again later.” If I am outside USA, do I need a VPN for it to work?

  3. Hi there, could you assist me in trying to install WATCHYOUR.TV app on to my Fire Stick. I am in Australia and we don’t have a SEARCH function on the Home Screen of the stick. Would there be a Filelinked code for it please?

  4. Chris, is it possible to get the HBO channel on the fire stick? The reason i ask is have a couple of programmes that i would like to watch (Chernoble) and i think they were made by HBO, maybe these programmes are available on other channels but i haven’t been able to find them unless i pay an extra subscription

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