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  1. The way that game went down I really don’t think Klay would have made a significant difference. They lack a big man and that is the problem.

  2. asdwegfwes…. anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

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  4. Wiggins act like he about to play D, but pulls up and let’s the other team make the layup… does not even challenge them…

  5. I’ve seen enough of Wiggins…he plays no D, doesn’t communicate, and can’t make WIDE OPEN FUCKIN SHOTS… GARBAGE!!!

  6. Kelly Oubre Jr. Flexing, dunking and shouting, taunting and etc during pre-season games are all gone now. All he got now is poor defense, and his couple of shots got blocked in the paint!!! What a kid.

  7. There is no shame in losing to the Bucks obviously, but allowing 100 points in just three quarters? Pathetic! No excuse for that. No pride. I really miss defense in the NBA.

  8. At this point Warriors are really just paying Wiggins to lift weight off the court and Oubre to be cute.

  9. Curry will fake some injury because he can’t carry a team like Russ, Dame, Harden, and James. He did it last season and he’ll do it this one. I don’t want to hear a fucking thing about Curry being better than any of the above names mentioned above.

  10. The newbies are just playing on their own, less passing to an open man, less movement without the ball.

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