Watch as Connor McDavid goes coast to coast to score a powerplay goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs.


  1. Goal of the Season so far. Sure it may be a power play but skating past 4 defenders is still crazy

  2. The only way to stop McDavid breaking through is by forming a human chain; all 5 players collapse, hold hands, and sing a prayer.

  3. Pretty similar to that goal datsyuk scored where he walked through the entire predators team, except this one was at light speed

  4. I would have continued right through the Toronto bench for some more high fives.

    -Leafs Fan

  5. Lol this is like when you're on the ODR and there's 1 legend dad who went to an nhl camp once, and every now and then he just decides to skate through everyone and pot one real quick and easy. This guy is just on another level.

  6. The Leafs must have felt like Charlie Brown when he plays baseball and loses his closes when the batter smashes his pitch.

  7. "After reviewing the play, it was determined that it was so filthy that it will be counted as three good goals"

  8. McDavid is literally my inspiration, watching him play makes me want to get on the ice

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