Hey guys! In this video we are on Town at Pevs Paintball Park in Aldie Virginia. In this video I am helping/Teaching a few of the new paintballers a few tricks. Now normally I get to do a lot of front line adrenaline based antics and just love playing the sport! I can’t wait to play more small and big games with new people and help grow paintball! Thank you so much for watching guys see you next time and until then always remember to savethepaint
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  1. The paintball field is a super intimidating place for a newer player. Way to go making these guys feel comfortable with the sport!

  2. I like helping renters as well because eventually they want to come back and sometimes Ive even seen some return with new gear and markers with even more excitement than before. the more the merrier at paintball fields I say . Great vid 👍

  3. My best friend is a professional player and he 1v1 me for my first game obviously I got destroyed but it sparked my interest in paint ball and my first real game at a field somebody shot my at point blank in the neck as I was making fun of people for paint neck gaurds

  4. Good game. I would have liked that kind of advice when I started playing. Thank you for helping the community grow! 🙂

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