Counting down the 15 most expensive vintage baseball/football/basketball/sports card sales on eBay from December 21 – 27, 2020. List includes Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Wayne Gretzky, Pele, and more.


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  1. How do you view best offer sales? Cuz I can only see the original listing price with a line through it.

  2. Gretzky is absolutely insane lately. I walked into a pawn shop March 2019 and saw a 4.5 Gretzky for $400, I left…. upon walking to my car I thought of how undervalued Gretzky was…. I turned around, walked back in and purchased it for $350. (These are Canadian funds, and the card is an O-Pee-Chee). That walk was one of my best calls ever in my sports collecting/investing moments. I’m glad the market is finally appreciating him.

  3. Thank you Chris for the good work. I like the way you are doing those reviews, very professional but super fun to watch. I wish you all the best for 2021.

  4. Do you think the Gretzky sales will pull up other vintage hockey? I just sold a 1980 Gretzky PSA 8 for $422, still have two 9s along with his Topps RC.

  5. Chris I love these MIckey mantle’s Willie Mays Ernie Banks Etc Babe Ruth wow great way to start the new year thanks again looking forward to a great year on Fridays

  6. #15 Ruth is off on the grade, also #1 Mantle would get a 3 in my book at best. I don’t care how sharp the card is, a miscut like that has to factor into the card grade number more than a (mc). Why not give the Ruth a 7 with a (rc) rounded corners.

  7. You could be the sports card industries Walter Cronkite. “A 120/-20 PSA 7 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle landed on the moon this week…”

  8. Wow that is extremely generous “4” for the Babe Ruth card. That looks almost like a poor or 2 grade…

  9. The Mantle miscut was interesting (that someone would pay so much for such a heavily miscut card) but crazier to me was that someone would pay $11.9K for the second ‘66 Mantle without seeing the back of the card! Really? Also paying the full amount on a “buy it now” at those levels seems suspect. Why not bid a little lower if “best offer” is available? (Suppose maybe it wasn’t available?)

  10. Chris, any idea where that Bobby Orr Bvg10 rc went. I don’t see it listed on ebay anymore. That Orr Bvg10 rc was massive in value.

  11. Hey Chris – firstly love the content, keep up the good work! Coming to you from the soccer world across the pond. The Maradona you showed was actually his second year card, very similar scenario to Pele as Diego’s true RC is almost extinct and never comes on the open market due to it’s low population. This is regarded as Diegos true RC: 1978 Crack Campeonato Mundial Diego Maradona. Highest grade is a 6 at only a pop 2!

  12. Hi Chris, happy new year! My fave Mantle…the 65. Wouldn’t mind picking one up as an 8 or better, but they’re getting pricey! Enjoyed your chat with Dustin the other night. Was happy to see you remembered my name lol. Anyway, keep up the channel, I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe I’ll jump in one of these days on one of these videos chats, I’m enjoying my new sportscards friends.

  13. I remember the 1951 Bowman Mantle PSA 10 selling back in 1996? $250k. Always great to hear about vintage.

  14. I would like a list of the top 15 players. Their top 20 sales average of the year would assign their spot on the list.

  15. Happy New Year Chris!! Hope you have a: Prosperous, happy and most importantly healthy new year! Hopefully my channel gets big this year and I can do a future collaboration with you 🙂

  16. I’ve been a card collector for more than 30 years and an economist for more. l truly enjoy the high-roller reports. Half the time I find myself cheering – the other half, I’m in puzzled disbelief. Today I read an article on the highest prices paid for “paper items” at auction in 2020 as reported by Rare Book Hub. I couldn’t help but do a quick compare/contrast, all in the spirit of fun., and context! Happy New Year All!

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo, Panini National Treasures Logoman Patch Autograph, $1.85MM
    • John Hancock, manuscript letter signed, announcing the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, 6 July 1776 $1.04MM

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart signed musical score of Scena con Rondò pour Le Nozze di Figaro, [1786] $573,000
    • 2004 Topps Chrome LeBron James (Superfractor) #23 PSA Gem Mint $720,000

    • Compelling and wide-ranging letter in which Thomas Jefferson expresses confidence in the “incalculable value” of the just-completed Louisiana Purchase. $163,000
    • 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout Orange Refractor 6/25 #BDPP89 BGS Gem Mint 9.5 – 10 Autograph. $168,000

    • Autograph manuscript portion of his undelivered first Inaugural Address, George Washington. $137,000
    • 1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant (Refractor) #138 PSA Gem Mint 10. $138,000

    • Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed on Unified Field Theory, $103,000
    • 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autograph Superfractor Francisco Lindor 1/1 #BCAP-FL, PSA Mint 9. $102,000

    • Autograph manuscript in English, exploring the nature of God, Issac Newton $106,000
    • 1948 Leaf Satchel Paige #8 PSA NM 7. $108,000

    • Thomas Edison Autograph manuscript, seven pages of annotated design drawings for his lightbulb and related inventions, initialed (“TAE”) and dated in pencil three times, $94,500
    • Pokémon Super Secret Battle “No. 1 Trainer” Trainer Promo Hologram Trading Card (1999) PSA Gem MT 10. $90,000

  17. For a 40+ year old card it seems that Gretzky RC’s may be a bit more plentiful than I had originally thought. 😅

  18. Great video. Enjoyed watching the interview with the personal finance dad. Im not subscribed to his channel so I was pleasantly surprised when his video with u popped up. Thank you, Chris.

  19. Wayne’s card is on a upward trend and all the ones that are a bit expensive..we see now 8s going higher..that is definitely a and 6s due to gain next…
    Great video… what a miscut…wow..I would rather have one less grade with better centering

  20. These cards exist and it wasn’t em that bought them. BOO! Got a question for you, Chris – I’ve seen 1980 Topps Basketball card lots for sale with cards separated out from their original 3-player ‘card’. I would think this annihilates the value of them, other than just as collectibles and something to have. Would you agree?

  21. I knew Lawrence Taylor was a great player, but, as the years passed, he’s now the GOAT at his position. I realize he had some serious off the field transgressions, the one with the 16 year old was again, recent bad news for Lawrence. I’ve been watching about 3 hrs. of videos on this dude in the last few days, since I finally obtained his card in PSA 8 centered for $150 total. There are 1753 (8’s) 40 (8.5’s) 840 (9’s) and 159 (10’s)…I never thought I would pay $150 for a card with this high of a pop count but, it is centered. I see them going for $250 on ebay with 60/40 centering. In reality, especially these days, maybe the pop isn’t so high considering he the GOAT. Are there 2000 collectors out there that would like a nice LT rookie…it sure looks like it.

  22. How can I contact you? I have a Lot of vintage cards you may be interested in. In fact i know you would be 1961 fleer with jerry west rookies 3 of them

  23. I am willing to bet PSA employees are giving themselves the highest possible grade and selling cards themselves. The Gourdy Babe Ruth is no where near a PSA 4.

  24. HI Chris. Thanks in advance for your well thought, interesting videos. I have been researching digitally grading sportscards online and have come up with very little information. It’s surprising to me that card grading is still done exclusively by human hands. Do you have any knowledge of research in this area?? Thanks to all….

  25. It seems to me that high-quality Mantle cards are appreciating at a steady clip in the past few years. I’m a 68T fan, and have 2 PSA-8 Mantles. The last few sales are approaching $1300, so it may be time to take the bait and sell. Similarly, Bench rookie cards are also steadily appreciating. My 6.5 may go on the block soon. Thanks, again, for the high quality analysis and the homework. And, appreciate the “stay safe” sign off, as few of us have not been touched by the pandemic and we need to continue to be mindful!

  26. HTF was that Ruth card a PSA 4?? The owner of the card must have a relative that works as a grader at PSA……SMH

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