Thanks to NHL for most of the clips in the video!!! like for a PART 2


  1. The kid’s reaction to Tootoo gets me every single time. That was the purest belly laugh and excitement. So cute! 😂

  2. THESE are the sports pros that represent what kids should look up to! Class acts!

  3. The one guy went from badass on the ice to a father type in the penalty box. Lmao awesome!

  4. It takes so little to make a kids day. I remember when Patrick Roy waved at me when I was like 7 and it made me an Avs fan for life.

  5. Seguin met that girl after the game too, to wish her a proper happy birthday. There’s video of it somewhere on YT.

  6. You can that National Anthem kneeing routine in football & baseball and shove it.
    This is why Hockey rules…!

  7. 2 players made my day one made my whole year the first the one who made my year was Steve Yzerman who after giving him a wood plaque with his name that I made in woodshop class engraved on it brought me on the red wings bus and the 2 Nd was Steve Chaisson (RIP) who gave me his stick at the red wings practice both happened when I was 13 /14 these players don’t know the positive impact those small gestures have on a kid who looks up to them especially if they were like me someone who lost a parent just years earlier it boosts self esteem because it tells the kid I am a somebody and even though I lost my mother at age 10 Steve Yzerman made me feel important and appreciated while Chaisson did the same also . God bless these players they are doing more than being kind they are giving kids a sense of importance and that someone loves them especially someone they look up to !

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