See Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews as a young boy in family videos.


  1. for anyone who didn’t know Toews is #19 because of Joe Sakic. I saw a few comments about him being a Avs fan.

  2. He was an Avs fan? I’ve been in a shit mood because they just shut the Hawks out. That’s… unexpected.

  3. Every hockey star starts with the number 9. Toews, Crosby, etc Since I’m #9 on my HS team, does that mean I’ll be a star? XD

  4. Probably did the same dance after winning his second Stanley Cup, or maybe his second Olympic gold, or maybe…..

  5. Hawks management would be lynched if this guy ever leaves the Hawks.There is no better Captain in sport than our Capt Serious.The Hawks will follow Tazer anywhere.

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