So cute when he doesn’t follow the conversation..🐥


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  1. Niñas pueden ir al canal de Fantagio a reproducir el Teaser de Astro el grupo de Kpop en el que sale Cha eun Woo (Lee Suho) por favor cuando el teaser haya finalizado le pueden dar like ❣️

    I made a duet cover with him. Hope you guys have time to listen, it’s my gift for him. (on my channel) We love you Oppa. Saranghae! <3

  3. He litteraly seems so happy when she mentioned ASTRO, he s so preciooous
    Eunwoo president of Aroha

  4. I missed seeing Solbi.❤

    I honestly like black hair for Eunwoo, but he can do whatever he pleases. I still like him, anyway.😃

  5. I don’t know if people aware of not about the incident between Lee Ji Hye and Seo Ji Young.. That one of the worst bullying cases ever happened in kpop history. I’m really glad that she can laugh it off now after what she has gone through.

  6. For a moment thinking i thought that the girl in pink suit is like jin from bts you kniw like the way she acts idk qvout you guys but just in my oppinion🤗

  7. I think he would have looked better with white hair or golden blond. This color wash out his excellent looks

  8. After watching this and the other videos I come to see that Eun Woo is not flexible and a little bit insensitive in giving questions.

  9. I went to search for Solbi cause I didn’t believe it was her 😲 she’s unrecognizable.

  10. isn’t Lee Jihye story will be the most important coz lots of bullying scandals are rising and her story and how she overcome such is important

  11. I remember when he changed his hair color into blue for an episode in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. He suits that haircolor too.
    He’s so unaware 🤣

  12. eun woo close with jungkook bts right? as far as i know jungkook also dye his hair just like this

  13. jihye naming jiyoung as the reason for the group’s failure is like a sweet revenge. sure, they said they’re ok now but after that bullying fiasco, i hope jihye gets to drag her every chance she gets.

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