Just wanted to share my hobby with ya’ll because so many people have been asking about it on IG and have been extremely confused. Remember, it’s still gambling at the end of the day and you should play responsibly! Hopefully this at least just makes you understand how it all works and makes your betting experience more fun if you are a beginner!

I will post a few of my picks in the comments for this week so they are time stamped.


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  1. Man all videos about sports betting are missing the key point… I really don’t understand. If all this guys are Pros how do they miss the main key?? I’ll ask a simple question… Betting on Roger Federer against Djokovic is it a good bet? or in Lakers Vs Minnesota? If you fail this question you don’t know how to bet. I’ll make a video to really give usefull tips to players…

  2. Thanks for explaining the numbers. I get the numbers for basketball games niw. Just going to take the team minus points rather than the minus 140.

  3. Great Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Riddleagan Kings Software Remedy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good exclusive product for getting a winning betting system without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  4. I live in Vegas I bet professional…I always bet games the casinos need works for me..always bet straight bets no parlays ever

  5. Hello, I live in VA and New to Fan Dual. Do you have any videos about that app? What I dont know is what players do I choose in the Head to Head or 50/50? Like is it a mixture of TB and KC players? Or all from one team? What kind of players do I base my picks on? Do I need to pick players who i think will score points? Sorry to ask so many questions. I would like to be a seasoned player eventually!! Thanks! 😊

  6. Thanks bro, i watch ton of sports and always wanted to start sports betting. Live in AZ and don’t know much people who do it. This is definitely good info to start. Gave you a follow on IG too 🤙🏽

  7. Who betting on the chiefs vs tempa bay Super Bowl ? Who y’all think winnin cuz I’m lowkey thinking of putting $1000 on the chiefs

  8. Great Video if you got it right straight to the point and explain the details simply I’m like many others we try to put stuff up here who ramble on about stupid shit. Keep putting out these videos in the beginners will start to subscribe

  9. Weird ass question bc weird ass brain: I need the rationale (it’s the only way my brain will truly understand) for why the positive line signals the probable losing team, and the negative line signals the probable winning team.

  10. Thanks for this. I’ve been in this space for not very long and I’ve seen the gains. But I needed the break down. We know what we know but sometimes we have to hear it elsewhere, right? Proud of you keep doing you

  11. Is there a way we can help each other out and make some cash? Tryna place some bets and cash out

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