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If you’re an aspiring professional soccer player, it’s good to know how to do a good chest control. There might be game situations, where you will receive the ball near your torso. If that’s the case, you need to know how to properly absorb the ball so that it lands near your feet.

To become great at chest controls, you will need to practice often. You will also need to be ready to receive the ball at all times and extend the chest prior to the ball making contact with it.

Once the ball makes contact with your chest, you need to try to place it near your feet with the correct absorption. A good chest control will enhance your game play and will give you an edge on the nearest players of the opposite team.

One you are comfortable in placing the ball near your feet, you can enhance this exercise with a goalkeeper. As soon as your training partner sends you the ball towards the chest area, you must try to place it near your feet and take a shot at goal immediately.

That specific scenario will replicate a game situation, forcing you to react quickly. The goalkeeper will also make it more challenging.

Try it out next time you’re training on the soccer field, you’ll see how awesome this exercise is!

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  1. I used a technique when I was young and that was very simple.When ball comes to your chest just push your hips forward.Don’t lean back because you lose your balance just push your hips forward at the correct time this way you can control even your mom’s slippers on your chest.
    Don’t practise too much just try to do it once and for all 👌

  2. It is good but who is going to give all that time to chest the ball to the ground then wait till the ball bounces of the ground up then you trying to make move..
    Probably if you ever had a chance to chest the ball in that fully packed area. You might then need to hit as soon as it’s off your chest and by any means before it gets to the ground

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