VPN Access and Discount for Firestick (IPVanish)

This tutorial teaches you:

Enjoy the best apps of 2021 for your firestick


  1. I’m going to get up vanish I have fire stick and Nvidia 🛡️ do have to make two purchases or one

  2. Anyone know if scrub.video is gonna come back? Usually when it goes down it’s back up in 3-4 hours. Now it’s been over a day at least.

  3. It’s called program not jailbreak! You can only jailbreak iOS devices! Jailbreak means bypass , program means to add on!

  4. Hi, is there a TV app that includes CSpan 1 and CSpan 2 that I can download? I cant find those 2 on any of your live TV apps

  5. Ok did this ,, pika tv already needs an update ?? And so does media tv 3.04 to 3.5 ? So how to download the update s?

  6. Alot of these apps that used to work dont anymore like kodi, terranium, etc. Will getting vpn make it work and unblock it?

  7. Hello Newtech. I recently purchased an Insignia TV with smart fire TV. Developer options and set-up is different and I’m having trouble downloading, locating my apk’s, and getting them to update. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I do have my IPVanish connected but I have not set it up. Do you think that could have something to do with it? Thanks again.

  8. Please Newtech, Put up the older version of Strix on your store. I uninstalled the old version and installed the newer version when I seen your video on the newer version. The new version doe’s not work well for me. I had no trouble with the old version. Thank you

  9. Rokkr works pretty good dosent buffer just when you start live tv few seconds most channels in HD ….how do you change to English links on movies because all im getting is german and Spanish no English links…..movies play good too

  10. Hey newtech . Can you give us maybe another functioning kodi 19 build. I can’t get the diggz to work or download properly. I’ve tried everything. Your about the only one I trust to guide me right . Thank you

  11. Thank you so much you are a lifesaver. I get so much out of everything you do all your videos and everything anything I need help with, I just go in my subscribe cuz I know you have it. it’s just explained so easy. I live in West Allis Wisconsin and I want to thank you so much.

  12. Central Florida here … Thanks for giving updates about various apps for FS … Slainte’ ! Cheers !

  13. Good Morning.
    Where Can I find the Tv show that’s on Netflix it’s called The big day it only comes up in search on the apps but no episodes??

  14. Your breaking the law…. Your ISP can fine you and the company that own the media. Look it up that’s why Mobdro Is gone. RIP

  15. Awesome video brother. Thanks for sharing. Keep the content coming. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Much love bro

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