Have you considered streaming an an esports tournament? For gamers, leagues, and clubs, this can be a great way to grow your following and connect with an audience.

In this video, we cover our experience with streaming an esports tournament. To connect with others streaming esports and for a free guide join our user group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/esportsEDU/

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  1. Hey can I email you about a tournament I want to host and how to go about it

  2. Hey bro . How can i contact you , i want to learn more about streaming esport sistem . Like a Online tournament Game . Will wait .

  3. Q: what if all the participants are playing from there homes? More like a relaxed kind of tournament. All I want to do is manage stream their stream from twitch into a specific channel on twitch or YouTube or any other platform. More like displaying 3 screens every match from three different players. Also they all play on PS4. Hope what I said made sense.

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