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Equipment we used for this project:

Camera 1 and 2:

Camera 3 (HDMI):

Camera 4:

Blackmagic ATEM Switcher:

Blackmagic Recorder:

BoxCaster Pro:

Broadcaster Headset:

Headphone Amplifier:

Audio Mixer:

Intercom System:

Field Microphone:

Capture Card:

Playback Device:

Graphics Software:

Field Monitor:

Varizoom Controller:


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  1. What kind of bitrates do people advise to avoid buffering for the end viewer? I know there are plenty of rough guides, but some real world examples would be good.

    We have a strong upload connection of about 60mbps but I feel we’ve been really conservative in streaming at 2500kbps (as we’re only starting out with live soccer to an audience) and could push it up considerably, maybe even at 50 instead of 30fps. Using fairly basic equipment of OBS and Elgato capture card plus Macbook.

  2. nice setup. what would you suggest to use if there is one announcer in the box and one on the field to do interviews and they both want to talk to each other… so some kind of wireless audio attached to the mixer… i presume… thoughts?

  3. What could be some equipment to start off? I’m trying to broadcast a golf tournament but just the feature holes. It won’t requiere of that much of production or camera shots.

  4. Is a wireless hub strong enough to guve you the private internet signal. Like the hubs you get at your cell phone provider to give you wireless access.

  5. Could you use the new Blackmagic ATEM mini pro as an affordable option to live stream high school games. what would an affordable video camera system. I normally just shoot stills of the games to post later but in today’s conditions games maybe played with limited spectators or no spectators.

  6. The equipment you show is expensive and most of us need basic stuff to start.
    Wht will you sugest for golf ……drive along cam…..Internet connect?
    Youtube or fb

  7. Hello!! How can i make the reply of a camara on the switcher? Is it
    through a plug in in the Black Magic ATEM software, for example? Im afraid of doing that on a laptop and broadcast in the same device, because it cloud crash. Do i need an external device?

  8. Researching what we would need to broadcast HEMA tournaments, this is great starting point for finding info, thank you so much for sharing!

    $10k is way out of our leagues price range atm. Would you have suggestions for a more budget friendly setup?

  9. What about replay capability?
    Is it possible to replay particular shots instantly and in slow motion with this setup?

  10. I typically like to put the pitching/ batting camera out by center field and zoomed in like what the MLB does but that’s a lot of cable and needs repeaters to do that.

  11. For the past few years have been searching for setup video, at least got basic idea clear via this video. Btw how fast your internet should be for this kind of streaming?

  12. Great job buddies ….
    Can you tell me tha total cost of this full setup …I mean the total cost of all equipments..

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