At Paintball Action Games in Glasgow Delaware, objective based paintball games keep the day interesting. If you’ve played Gears of War, Medic is a lot like that. Players are not OUT when shot, they are DOWNED. If you are not playing a CTF or other objective based game, then the way to win is simply down the entire opposing team. This video shows a game of Medic being played on a Hyperball field. Medic’s often played in the woods where the rules and strategies are slightly more involved. One rule not seen in this video is GUARDING. If you advance and guard a player and are shot while guarding, they are re-inserted and you are downed. Tactics such as using downed players as bait is always used. If you want to book a party or play as a walk-on call 302-234-1735. You can download a PDF of the complete rules at the Paintball Action Games web site.


  1. surely if i understand correctly, the best way to play is as a close group so you can keep tagging people back in, that way the team never runs out of create a formation and constant communication. even having some players out of action, ready to just keep tagging and swapping, the win comes from endurance.

  2. i love plain medic but the way we play is instead of just touchin someone to revive them each team has one medic that carries a roll of non sticky colored tape, the medic has to tie that around you to revive you each player can only be revived twice per game but if you get shot in the head you cant be revived 

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