In video #1 of the How to Play Paintball video series we show you what to expect for your first visit to a paintball park. We’ll show you the basics so you know what to do when you get ready for the first time you’re going to play paintball.

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  1. Tippmans are great beginner guns….But I wouldnt spend a ton of money upgrading the gun…Ive been down that road and they just become money pits. However you WILL WANT to use HPA, a good electric hopper and a decent barrel wouldnt hurt either (lets say a 14in Custom Products) that should give you and edge. As far as it hurting? Mmmm….kinda feels like getting hit with a car radio antenna (which i think is worse) but Ive been playing since I was 12. So 14 years now.

  2. The pain depends on you really….but for me it feels like Im getting whiped with a radio antenna (which I think actually feels worse) Stings for a sec but goes away quickly.

  3. Like getting punched by a stronger kind of guy Or bieng hit by a ball of hardend gelatin with paint in it at approx 20mph 🙂

  4. I was hit in the face with a basket ball when I tried to shoot
    I was hit in the face by a soccer ball (playing with friends)
    And I was shot with my friends paintball gun
    the paintball gun hert but but not as bad

  5. @banandababa In perspective it doesn’t hurt if you wear some what pads but if you don’t the worst is getting wipped by a towel no biggy

  6. i just got a tippmann paintball set and i was wondering is there any way to buy like body pads? (i bruise easily i was a fucked up baby)

  7. yes it will hurt but u dont hav fun if u dont get hit but its not as bad as airsoft thats worse than bee stings!!!!!!

  8. it may sting a little, but once you get hit the first time, all the other times won’t even hurt.

  9. hey,
    I just made a paintball vid!
    It’s pretty awesome and takes place in an epic indoor arena!
    feel free to check it out on my channel.

  10. Paintball hurts when hit in the leg one thing DONT STAY AT BASE IT TURNS OUT REALLY BAD WHEN YOU’RE TEAM IS GONE.

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