How to read the goalie and create more scoring opportunities. This video will help you and your team score more goals ! Subscribe –

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  1. A high shot from the point is a waist of time. Shoot low or keep it on the ice. Shoot when there is traffic in front of the net. A offensive player has a chance to tip it or change the direction of the puck. The puck might even go off of someones skate and find the net.

  2. You can’t take an extra step on a wrap around when there is a defenseman in front of the net

  3. wow. I consider myself an “ok” player in beer league. Never played in a real league. But gthe player’s shots on this video is one of the weekest shot i’ve seen in my whole life. My 3 yo nephew shoots harder than this.

  4. The wrap around was junk. The goalie should either poke as the player comes around or challenge the shooter as he tries to take an extra stride. Not to mention you are never that open when in front of the net.

  5. 1:14 I remember i got a goal outside of the house on the left side of the goalie, top shelf god 😎 i was a little above the red line

  6. Your missing you main point of what your video was titled, reading the goolie, I score most my goals from the top circle, and reading mean telling what the best option is, is the goolie too deep in the net? Is he cheaten to one side, you never even tall about any of that.

  7. there is something that is bothering me that made me dislike and it is the goalie his pads are probably the size of mine (30+1 or 28+1) and his stance when getting ready for a wraparound

  8. there’s a good video out there with Matthew’s explaining that he finds something like a toe drag and then a shot changes the angle enough in the last second to increase the odds. Watch NHL players – they do it all the time!

  9. This was an absolute amazing video. Very well put together and informative. I like seeing these more advanced skill vids. And your right, using the goalie as a passing option isn’t used as much as it should. Very effective

  10. Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to share this my team. Plus, now I won’t shoot a ridiculous angel because of how I freak out.

  11. Wrap around won’t work like that cause the goalie will poke check the puck or the defence will not let u walk to the front of the net like that

  12. As a defense man I️ play the person without the puck because the kids in my league and age can’t snipe or have a really quick shot

  13. BUT the best goal scorers score from OUTSIDE “the House”. Ovechkin scores over 25% of his goals from the left circle.

  14. He is saying use the leg pads for passing the goalie can use his stick to block it almost every time

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